View Full Version : Matchmaking Update Gives More In-Progress Games

22nd Feb 2015, 09:12
I was loving this game until the most recent patch that updated the Matchmaking system. I'm honestly fine with the longer wait times, even though they're occasionally frustrating. The real issue is the increased number of times I'm dropped into a game already in progress. I hear that people leaving games has been an issue lately, but I'm sure that the Matchmaking system is to blame too, as I noticed a dramatic increase in the number of drop-in games within the first few days of the patch as compared to the days leading up to it. I can't believe that the number of people leaving games had such a steep rise in just the span of a day, so the system must be involved as well.

Put simply, this issue has decreased my enjoyment of the game considerably. For obvious reasons, nearly every game joined in-progress is a losing battle. When over half of the games I join are in-progress, the game just becomes frustrating; no one likes losing all the time, and a matchmaking system is presumably put in place specifically to counteract that. Occasionally I and any other players who join can turn it around; but most of the time when you're dropped into a game already half over with a team that's completely unorganized, it's utterly hopeless. Worst of all, lately it's causing me to become part of the problem, as when I find myself dropped into yet another in-progress game I occasionally now just quit out, because I simply don't want to keep wasting more of my time playing something that's no longer fun for me. I'm sure I'm not the only one who's started doing this for just this reason, and so the issue is just feeding back on itself more and more each day.

I want to keep enjoying this game; it was incredibly fun before this patch, when I actually got to play games from the start regularly, and I still hope to play it for a long time to come. But when the majority of my games are hopeless drop-ins, my interest in the game wanes rapidly.

23rd Feb 2015, 14:20
alot of this goes away if you just DON'T LEAVE THE LOBBY, i realize you cant control others but if you lose a match midmatch start stay in the lobby your guaranteed not to start midmatch, taking one loss to increase chances of a better match next game is not a big deal to me (not that i think there shouldnt be a fix for this)