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22nd Feb 2015, 06:49
I enjoy the melee vs range and the claws are a treat to use; but just because the vampire have supernatural prowess doesn't mean that claws are all that they should need or all that should be available to them.

Humans have more of an edge over vampires when it comes to the diversity of their arsenals. Each human class uses only one type of weapon but each weapon comes in multiple configurations. The same variety could be offered by allowing the vampires alternate melee weapons, with claws being the one meant as the weapon you use for speed and the rest geared more towards increased damage or reach at the cost of slower attack speed (or even movement speed in general if that is what is needed to balance it out).

In Legacy of Kain the claws were always the last resort, what you used if you had nothing else.

At some point (whenever the devs start looking at what they wanna develop beyond what they already have scheduled) I'd like them to be brought into the game and I know I'm not alone.

If they can't all get them at the same time then lore wise it should be the Dumahim (Reaver) that gets it first; but something like weapons shouldn't be limited to just the Dumahim.

22nd Feb 2015, 15:35

Not sure if I agree on that. That's true of kain in the lore with him wielding weapons and Raziel using them to kill his own kind, we also see vorador wielding a sword as well. But besides them, the vampires we see in combat (the only ones of which to my knowledge are in blood omen 2) only use their claws. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7b03yE43AFY We only see a few brief scenes, but that's the closest to a visible vampire military attack we can see. You'll note that besides Kain, all the vampires fight bare handed.

That being said, I wouldn't be against the concept of a melee weapon carried by the vampires, imagine something like a huge mace carried by a tyrant used to bash in skulls or a sentinel dive bombing with a spear or a deceiver backstabbing then slamming a knife in to their victim's throat, etc.

22nd Feb 2015, 20:26
The Dumahim definately used weapons, because their weapons were so important to them that they even begun binding them to their own hands to remind themselves of who they were.

DCab: In the original series, the Dumahim were great weapon masters. As they devolved they tried to hold on to whatever 'humanity' (vampmanity?) they had left. In the final days, as their minds started to go, they clung feverishly to whatever seemed familiar, tying the weapons to their hands in a feeble attempt to remember who they were. If somehow, holding their own weapon could help them remember themselves, then they would cling to those weapons with whatever they had left and never let go.

Not to mention the statue of Dumah using a staff weapon in his territory:
The clans should take after their patriarch.

22nd Feb 2015, 23:24
I do hope that spears and staffs get used if melee weapons for the vampires make it to the game. They were the most prominent weapon in Soul Reaver and seemed to be the weapon to use since they were present in all the clans, as well as styled to match their clans individual tastes.


23rd Feb 2015, 04:26
Might work. Deceivers should get katars.