View Full Version : New Deciver ability

21st Feb 2015, 00:33
So, my last thread was a bit bad, I admit, so this time ill try to do better. :em:

This tertiary(meant to replace shroud or illusions) is called fake health.

I have two idea's for this, A. makes your health look to all enemies less then 300, when you could have full health.
This could tempt a player to try to chase you, leaving him vulnerable to attacks.

B. makes your health look full, warding chasing enemies away.

this ability does give a small damage reduction, this I cant think of a good number for now, so some feedback would be nice.

As always, I hope you like it and maybe get some idea's from it, peace out.

21st Feb 2015, 00:40
Do you mean tertiary?
I like the idea as a right click option

21st Feb 2015, 00:45
My bad on the spelling.

as for making this a right click option, it wouldn't be worth giving up invisibility or mind control :/