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20th Feb 2015, 08:27
Alright - so before I say anything:
I actually like the new design! From what I could read in chat yesterday after the patch hit, I seem to be an outliar in that respect. I will try to adress some of the concern people have/had and try to give constructive critizism based in more than just a "IT'S DIFFERENT SO IT SUCKS"-kinda way.

TAB Screen

1) People were confused by "Final Blow" and "Takedown". It seems only roughly 10 people world-wide read the forums. I had to explain that literally every game yesterday. Maybe stick to "kills", as it is universily understandable and leave Takedown.

2) Most people also complained that it is "too hard to find the info you want." Sure - having to re-educate yourself not to go about checking the score from top to bottom but sideways from the centre outward is gonna take a few days.
What I would do away with though is the 1/2s build up time. Yes animations are cool and all that - but if you just want a quick look at your kills it's too much.

3) Make the pictures smaller and the numbers and text a bit bigger. I can look at their cool skins while I watch them from death-cam :P

4) BUG: Some, if not all Prophet-Skins are not properly displayed, instead you have a grey button with "TEMP" written on it.

5) No health indicator. I have had people rage about that. I like it!
It does away with constantly checking TAB to know which one to focus, who just healed asf.
Now you have to actually pay attention to the fight... I know.. crazy.

6) Some people's names are soooo long, it only displays the Clan Tag in the Scoreboard and Kill Screen.
I know this is probably nothing in dire need of "fixing" but maybe just give the <name> a second line for characters to escape to.

End of Match-Screen

Overall, I can't critizice much. In fact, I like it so much I can only muster up positive feedback and maybe 2 tiny request:
1) The animations here are cool and make it look a bit sliker.

2) The info about item gain and random drops is appreciated! But it would be cool to be able to see what exactly dropped as before, now all you see is what Item it was, but not if it has properties or if it is Mysterious.

3) The new scoreboard means now all info is on one screenshot, which greatly benefits competitive play.
Before, you could ether tally up the kills from the player scoreboard or look at the team scores without any association to the players that participated.

4) It would be really cool to be able to view the last mission result while in the lobby, so you can have more time to take a screenshot or study the board. This would include the tally at the end, as well as both scoreboards from the individual rounds. (Also, having access to the first round's screen at the end of the match would be greatly appreciated)

20th Feb 2015, 08:45
Big mistake. Here's why.

Firstly it is far easier to read across than it is down, before it was easy to see where I was and to track across to see what I got. Now I understand that eventually I will adjust and this will be less of an issue, though still one. We simply read left to right/right to left far more quickly than we do top to bottom.

No, what the big problem is is the animation that occurs when you bring it up. Not only does it make me want to hurl it stops me checking the score board AT ALL. I don't know about you, but I know myself and many others only ever press TAB for about 1 second to check our score mid round then close it immediately to get back into the game. That is now impossible due to the genius that is the extremely slow animation that prevents you actually reading anything. So what now happens is I open the scoreboard, see nothing, then close it again instantly. That happens about 10-20 times a match.

Now while I really would LOVE the scoreboard to be represented horizontally I don't actually expect that to happen. What I want is for the animation to be removed, completely, not just a little or halved, completely. It's terrible.

EDIT: Ok found out another MAJOR floor. Because the board is dynamic, and shifts the players around depending on score, it's impossible to remember exactly where you were and just glance at the score. No, every time you have to look at the top first and check who's who. EVERY TIME.

At this point the scoreboard is so broken I simply can't use it, instead I must wait until the round is over.

EDIT2: I actually remember now that on the old board you did move up if you got more points than someone else, the fact this was so unnoticeable shows just how readable that board was. A compromise would be putting the names of the players UNDER the gigantic portraits rather than above, that way it is easier to reach from that piece of information to the rest.

20th Feb 2015, 09:50
It's pretty, but does not meet the requirements of scoreboard in game of this type. When You press TAB you wanna check score fast, not look on skins people play. Also you dont see HP of enemy team anymore on it.
Also End Game Screen takes to long, Animations with counting gold is not needed. Instead of time counting to back to lobby, remove it and do "Back to lobby" button.

20th Feb 2015, 09:52
I check scoreboard in between battles for 2 things:

1 - who on the enemy team is dead / alive at that point in time

2- damage contribution of own team and enemy

These two information helps my decision making as I make them.

New scoreboard does not allow for 'at-a-glance' anymore and I wish this could be tweaked. I do love how snazzy it now looks but function over form mid combat pls.

Instead of time counting to back to lobby, remove it and do "Back to lobby" button.

yes pls

20th Feb 2015, 09:56
agree on everything that have been said. Plus you can't read long player names in the scoreboard because there's not enough space.
Basically I higly prefer a simple and immediate scoreboard.

20th Feb 2015, 10:09
I check scoreboard in between battles for 2 things:

1 - who on the enemy team is dead / alive at that point in time

2- damage contribution of own team and enemy

These two information helps my decision making as I make them.

New scoreboard does not allow for 'at-a-glance' anymore and I wish this could be tweaked. I do love how snazzy it now looks but function over form mid combat pls.

Yep, pretty much.

20th Feb 2015, 11:22
I normally really like everything that developers come up with in this game, so I apologise for my criticism in advance, but I simply couldn't go past without providing my feedback on how bad I find the new scoreboard to be.

In short, scoreboard is about providing quick, easily accessible, to-the-point and meaningful information that player can digest and analyse at a glance. New design, while looking great, is clunky, counter-intuitive and lacks usability in how it delivers this information.

Here is a more detailed feedback.

1. Statistics

Once again, we need to be able to make sense out of the information quickly, at a glance. As an old saying goes, there is no need to re-invent the wheel.

Kills / Deaths / Assists / Damage – is the universal format that every player is used to. I don’t mind the fact that “Kills” have been re-named to “Finishing blows”, but “Takedowns” seems like a very misleading and useless statistic, and here’s why:

- Takedowns are a sum of kills and assists. When I want to judge my performance quickly, I don’t want to be doing math in the middle of the match. I want clear and easily assessable information at a glance.

- Statistic is useless on its own. It doesn’t provide any beneficial information so it is essentially pointless. Moreover, when you go back to your profile, your performance is still recorded as [Kills / Deaths / Assists] so it makes “Takedowns” even more irrelevant.

2. Information accessibility

Animation when the scoreboard is opened and counter-intuitive layout makes it really hard to track the stats that you are after, which makes opening the scoreboard essentially a frustrating experience (unless you do it while you’re waiting for re-spawn).
The screen is cluttered with what is useless to what that players are after. We don’t open the scoreboard to see the map or to see the screens. We open it to make decisions, and that ability has been greatly hindered by the new design.

3. Health Information

That was one of the main features of the old scoreboard. Planning your engagement on Human targets that are low or knowing which Vampire to focus first. There are people who support the idea of health pools being removed, and those who are against it.

Personally, I think that if developers removed it by intention, then the gameplay change should be COMMUNICATED to the players, so that we know what to expect. Additionally, if that is the case, Humans need a low health animation.

4. Judging performance

Apparently at the end of the match you get combined stats for two rounds. It might be a good point, but since it doesn't showcase important information – which is performance during halves – I find it to be useless. It would be much better if we had access to our performance for separate halves as it leads to some analysis whereas overall score doesn't.

5. Final thoughts

Functionality is more important than design. We don’t looks at scoreboard for skin pictures (and especially map layout). We look at it to make quick decisions and we currently can’t. Please revert the changes.

The scoreboard looks professional and fantastic, I love it. It’s very suitable at the end of the match (with minor tweaks), but we need something with proper functionality while actually playing the game.

Thank you for reading.

20th Feb 2015, 11:59
Honestly the old mid game and end of game score screens were PERFECT. The only issue may have been how points were awarded for score, but that was it. Otherwise it was spot on, absolutely perfect.

Huge 180 from that to a bloated info-less screen hogging abomination that takes noticeable time to gather any useful information from.

The thing I miss most about the final screen is the ability to switch back and forth between XP/Scoreboard/Match Summary etc.

20th Feb 2015, 13:05
Maybe have the flashy scoreboard at the end of the match, but have the old one during the match.

20th Feb 2015, 13:18
My thoughts:

I find the text next to the scores "take outs" etc is really small.

It doesn't really fit in too well with the other UI screens so it kinda looks out of place.

It seems harder to read generally at a quick glance rather than the old one but it might just take a while to get used to it...and might be me being dumb heh.

That said I do love the way it looks/the colours and the I love the skin displays.

20th Feb 2015, 14:57
"What I would do away with though is the 1/2s build up time. Yes animations are cool and all that - but if you just want a quick look at your kills it's too much." - true

"...Humans need a low health animation." - true

I would go a step further and say we need a animation for below 60% HP and below 30% HP (u can play with the numbers^^) for HU and vamps.

20th Feb 2015, 17:10
I just hate the animations. Especially at the end of a round. I don't need to see it raining gold forever, tell me how much gold I earned and get it over with. It's not really annoying at this point, but its only day 1. It's gonna get reallllly old, likely quickly, I think. lol

Rather like that you can no longer see enemy health, but it really makes me want a wounded animation for humans even more than before.

20th Feb 2015, 18:18

The first impresions are bad. It's realy hard to orient around what is where. Where is my character. Why is my charatcer there. Where is kills and deaths and it is kind of just HARD to read that way. It's probably a good idea to make it this way, but it sure ISNT easy to navigate and use.
I realy liked the old tab screen cos it was like a list. Up and down. Find your name. Find kills and deaths, thats the most important thing. And what is final blows or that other thing. Who cares. Too complicated for me. Assists probably would make more sense. Total damage totaly makes sense to me and i use it a lot and can actualy see how am i doing.

For me it ruined the experience a little bit, and made it worse. It realy isnt easy to understand screen. My brains just dont work that way.

The first thing i just couldnt fing my name there. Where to look. It took me four or five seconds until i figured out what that even is. And then i needed few more seconds to navigate around to find where is kills and deaths. An they SHOULD be more obvious than is now.

Although it looks good. The colors are nice. And animation is cool. It is just not working. When i am playing i dont realy care how my tab screen looks to be honest. Just give me the right details in the most short amount of time. Its just hard to navigate right now.

20th Feb 2015, 20:01
Loven the new scoreboard, took a bit to get used to, think its great how it adds up both rounds stats at the end and has 1st - 4th markers throughout the match.

Symbols of "takedowns, final blow and damage" should have color varitions though, something to help separate reading them, like all "final blow" symbol and text should be in the color red.

20th Feb 2015, 20:34
As was stated before, organizing information-per-player into columns rather than rows was an incredibly poor choice. What benefit does it provide over the legibility of the previous scoreboard? Not all cultures have as heavy a focus on row-based over column-based reading, but I'm betting that the majority of this game's audience falls under the "it's easier to read information organized into rows" umbrella. With the current column-based orientation of the tab-menu the user's eye is forced to read the player name in question left to right and then transition to up to down. Why would that be more efficient? And if efficiency isn't the main concern, what is? The tab-menu is supposed to be information at a glance.

The previous scoreboard related all the relevant information a player could need with a design that was as or nearly as efficient as possible. Why the change? Why the unnecessarily large character portraits? The tab-menu doesn't need to be pretty to be good, and while it can be both pretty and useful, in this case the usefulness has been sacrificed for a flashier interface.

Kill/death ratio is still visible, despite being hidden behind unnecessary obfuscating language and classification ("kills" and "deaths" weren't good enough for you?) and a painfully unintuitive UI, so if the goal was to dissuade players from focusing on their kill/death ratio then that goal hasn't been met because they'll still be able to do it. The previous scoreboard did a fine job of drawing focus away from a player's kill/death ratio (while also making the information easily accessibly because it's IMPORTANT TO KNOW) by additionally listing damage, which was a more than adequate solution to this non-problem. Giving access to less information, or making the player work harder to get the information they want, isn't going to improve team cohesion.

As far as I can tell there's no reason for the new tab-menu's existence other than being visually busy, a way to make it "interesting" or "flashy".

The old adage "If it isn't broken, don't fix it" is of particular relevance. What does the new scoreboard ACTUALLY fix? What possible benefit could there be to the column-based organization?

Please change it back rather than adhering to the change out of stubbornness or because the effort spent on the "improvement" would be perceived as wasted. The effort spent changing the tab-menu into what it is now has already been wasted and there's nothing to be done about that, but the best course of action from here would be a simple reversion. I have no idea how this change got the go-ahead, perhaps it was a mandate from on-high to make the game more "visually appealing", but the dislike for the new menu goes beyond the typical aversion to any change so often displayed in life. There are legitimate reasons to dislike the new menu.

21st Feb 2015, 01:02
Yep, I gotta say I prefer a row layout, because it's really fast to compare numbers in the same column when the digits line up. It takes only a moment longer to read the other way, but that moment makes all the difference in a fast-paced game. Also for the sake of speed, please ditch the animation while in game; save it for post-match.

It's not that the layout is confusing. I can tell what is what. I see that scores ascend toward the middle. No problem seeing who's ahead, but when measuring the gap between numbers to gauge how much anyone may be ahead, it just takes longer this way.

See the difference:
5873 | 11260 | 9722 | 13491
- VS -

All the same info can probably fit into the same master layout, just rotated. Only the portraits would suffer, but they are purely cosmetic anyway. I even think the new screen looks great, but as most others seem to agree, the orientation is awkward. We can give it a week and see how well we adjusted, but honestly when it comes to UI, any adjustment time is too long.

21st Feb 2015, 03:07
I think the only reason they made it into column data was to fit the character art. Not remotely worth it to be honest.

21st Feb 2015, 09:14
The old scoreboard was better, simple yes but perfect in execution, tt gave you the information you needed quickly at a glance instantly. The new scoreboard isn't very elegant, it seems very cluttered with hard to understand information. Takedowns and final blows were weird, the numbers are really small and not very easy on the eyes, and the fact that it shows the custom skins makes it easier to focus down specific players.

Please revert it back to the old scoreboard without displaying who on the enemy team is injured, that information was too easily exploited in my opinion and shouldn't have been there in the first place.

21st Feb 2015, 16:59
I just hate the animations. Especially at the end of a round. I don't need to see it raining gold forever, tell me how much gold I earned and get it over with. It's not really annoying at this point, but its only day 1. It's gonna get reallllly old, likely quickly, I think. lol

I have to kinda agree with you - the unnecessarily long wait time at the end of the matches now is quite excruciating. I wouldn't mind a quick animation or the animations as they are but the 10 sec on so wait after it's all finished is the bit which is like get it over with already.

If you have limited time to play then every second counts...sitting and waiting looking at the match score at the end is way to long. I preferred the old one in the sense of just enough time so you could skim ready over everything, switch between the views if you wanted to and bang back in the lobby ready for the next game.

Whilst I'm on about the menu changes I'm gonna mention it here as it was changed at the same time - the CHAT BOX is now way too big now!!!! It takes up too much of your game screen, I want to be able to see what I'm fighting against not what is being written. Yes I understand it's a team game and I understand communication is a needed thing but this is just too much and really distracting now. I'd very much like a way to either shrink it down or minimize it...

21st Feb 2015, 17:10
The end of match score screen takes so long to get to any useful information that I no longer read it, instead I just alt tab until the next game begins as soon as the match is over.

22nd Feb 2015, 06:19
This is just a guess, but it looks like removing health indicators from the scoreboard was unintentional. Seeing as how it wasn't Psyonix who made the change according to Corey in this thread (http://forums.eu.square-enix.com/showthread.php?t=152331):

Good post - the Spectator mode, along with the new Scoreboard UI, was done by the Montreal team that did Noscam - will make sure they've seen this thread.

I bring this up because recent matches have felt more fun since the patch. Sure, I'm no longer able to make split second decision on which weak player to focus on, but that's the same for my opponents. I enjoy not having to plan my use of heal stations or vampire feeds around the possibility of someone focusing on me because they see I'm weak on the scoreboard.

22nd Feb 2015, 06:38
I dislike the new Tab Screen. They made it too flashy with some useless stats given. Player cards are too big and its hard to read. Score Screens don't need to be flashy they need to be simple and easy to look at. I do like the combined stats from both rounds at the very end though.

23rd Feb 2015, 01:28
While the aesthetic of the new scoreboard design is nice to look at, I feel like it has drastically sacrificed functionality as a result. Instead of a simple, easy to parse at a glance "Kills, Deaths, Assists" we now have cryptic icons that don't mean anything to the typical player accompanied by a tiny, off to the side descriptive word. On top of that, in place of assists, we now have a stat that, as I understand it, is the total number of kills you contributed to, which includes your killing blows, in addition to a stat that purely tracks your killing blows. It seems needlessly confusing to change to this from a system that previously tracked them separately as "Kills" and "Assists."

In short: when the scoreboard is something that a typical player cannot simply glance at and immediately identify how well they are doing, there is a problem. A scoreboard should not have a learning curve.

23rd Feb 2015, 04:16
Agreed 100%. It looks nice and fancy now but it's just a bother to read. I do like to pull up my stats mid-match for a quick glance but now even doing that requires so much extra time to parse everything and get the information I want.

Before: Pull up the board, immediately locate my name, read the scores.

Now: Pull up the board, slowly locate my name as all the new bells and whistles disorient and distract the eyes, dart back and forth between the scores and the off-to-the-side descriptions to figure out what's what.

25th Feb 2015, 01:40
We apologize in advance for my ENG ...

I just wanted to say here is my opinion on the new interface on the "scoreboard"

Ja in the speeds (when playing) in the unable to swallow ...

Is someone of the same opinion that simplicity is power?


25th Feb 2015, 02:09
Is someone of the same opinion that simplicity is power?

This may be the greatest statement ever made by anyone ever.

And yeah, the new scoreboard is a bother.