View Full Version : Hunter: Change melee animation to use the sword

20th Feb 2015, 04:08
I mean all humans do have a melee attack (albeit useless and only as a last resort)
BUT! the sword is there and having the animation use it would be much cooler as opposed to meekly flailing the crossbow around

20th Feb 2015, 07:03
This has been suggested before, and while it makes sense, it's not completely practical. The default Hunter skin is the only one with the sword so they'd have to go through and add swords to the rest of them, as well as come up with the new animation. Seems like more work than it's worth, but it would be cool if he used it (maybe they'll make him use it when the humans get their 'executions' or something).

20th Feb 2015, 17:06
It would also be impractical for realistic/historic reasons. Swords were not worn with back sheaths in reality. The motion to draw such a thing is large, slow and leaves you open to attack. It's also nearly impossible to draw a long blade off your back with anything resembling speed or grace. Swords were worn on the side, strapped to a belt. Two-handers were simply carried, resting upon the shoulder.

I know, I'm a nitpick-y nerd when it comes to things like this.

21st Feb 2015, 17:39
First, I also want the Hunter to use the sword since I found out there is a melee attack for humans a long time ago. 1 Problem is that the other skins don't have the sword on the player model at the moment.

Desolated Maggot you are right, but the sword the hunter has is more like a machete and this game is fantasy after all so.. he could draw it easily like Jet Li in "Hero" ^^

21st Feb 2015, 21:09
Closing thread. This has been touched on before and isn't productive. The sword only appears in the default skin, therefore can't be animated because it's an art issue, not an animation issue.