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20th Feb 2015, 03:57
Flashpoint: Double XP or 50% possibilities to get mysterious items.

I was trying to play a Flashpoint match without luck, waiting for 3 minutes.
In a deathmatch lobby I asked to the players if they like flashpoint, the answer: can't find a match.

So can be a boost to make the people play flashpoint if you can earn something like XP or Mysterious items or Gold.

What do you think? Any Ideas?

Sorry, English isn't my mother language, I tried my best :)

20th Feb 2015, 04:19
I agree, something like this needs to happen if Flashpoint is to be playable.

20th Feb 2015, 05:25
Agreed. I love flashpoint. It's faster paced and feels better then TDM. I can't even get my warband to do it because it takes to long to find a match :/

20th Feb 2015, 06:51
+1 this....nice and clear so people see it add something to the main menu saying 10% extra XP (I dont think they'll do higher or else boosters would sell less).

Also fix the spawning issue since patch, seem to be spawning on top of humans constantly.

20th Feb 2015, 12:24
It's faster paced and feels better then TDM.

W...what. Faster? I had a single round last 40 minutes once.

20th Feb 2015, 12:58
Agreed. I love FP mode and don't really play TDM unless I can't at all find a game after a long wait. Something does need to be done to encourage people to play it.

I wonder if the issue where either mass win or mass loose is deterring people from playing it – if they fix this more people might play.

The same thing happened with Siege though - when player numbers drop a bit then it's impossible to find a game.