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20th Feb 2015, 02:26
Hello Everyone, thought you all might be interested to see summoner and scout at high level play.


I hope everyone finds this useful


20th Feb 2015, 13:44
It is indeed useful. I use gameplay footage with commentary on the player's thought process to help improve. The way you're doing yours is absolutely perfect.

If I could make a request it'd be an in-depth guide on how to rawk at melee brawls. Not much out there explaining them, not even the basics.

At my level I see almost everyone doing what I'm doing. Mashing LMB as fast as we can hoping something dies in the process. Preferably not ourselves.

20th Feb 2015, 19:04
Thank you for the vid silent, you covered the 2 characters I am least familiar with. Liked and subscribed ;)

@Kine: I am not an ESL player but i can at least try to give some insight on how you can improve your melee combat^^
Evasion rolls:
an important aspect of melee combat is to learn to predict the enemy CC skills to dodge them. For example if you pounce an enemy with the reaver, many humans will throw their CC as soon as you jump off of them. Knowing this, you can predict and dodge the skill, which basically means you won the (1v1) fight. also try not to use unneccessary rolls (especially against players with good aim) because it will throw you behind in a 1v1 dps race. also note that vampire rolls go farther than human rolls, so if he rolls and you also do it, then you can stand behind him after the roll.
Charged attacks:
these are very situational but in my experience are a major factor that separates good melee fighters and the rather bad ones. For example you can use charged melee attacks out of the place where you hide to get right into melee combat with ~400 dmg at the right moment (rather then running out of this hideout, which takes more time + you start the fight with a normal melee which does less dmg). you can use melee attacks to escape certain situations. imagine you are hiding behind a pillar in the middle of the map valeholm and 2 scouts aim at the pillar to shoot you as soon as you stick your nose out from behind the pillar (they are standing at the corner of the map whith the burning buildings and the stairs). meanwhile an alchemist is running towards you and will probably make you pop like a ripe fruit in a few seconds. you can charge a melee attack to escape between the houses. because you move really fast, most scouts will miss the shot (maybe won't work against esl players, but your chances of surviving are much higher this way). you can also use charged attacks to kill alchemists or prophets that throw down an aoe (for example flame wall). just charge the melee attack and then hit the enemy right through the aoe, it minimizes the damage you take from it.
This is more of a general thing. try to be aware of where your enemies are, which skills they might not have ready atm and how much HP they have. for example if you saw a hunter use poison bola just a few seconds ago, then you might have not many problems against him in 1v1. also, if an enemy is low on health try to get him first (don't force it though). an enemy with low health does the same amount of damage as a fulll hp enemy, but you can cut the enemy teams total dmg output by 1/4 with just one hit. also try to attack from behind. you don't get a damage bonus from those attacks, but you can fit in at least 1 hit before the enemy turns around. also try to see who is looking at you. if 3 out of 4 people suddenly turn around and look at you, it might be wise to do a dodge roll.

These are some things you can improve on, but as I am not a nosgoth pro, there probably are some things I did not cover.


22nd Feb 2015, 04:14
Very nice. Thanks!