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19th Feb 2015, 22:14
Player count: 5v5 (I'd go 10v10 for a more epic scale but let's be reasonable here.)

Vampires spawn inside a stronghold. Humans spawn outside, blocked from entry. The vampires need to defend their territory. The humans need to breach a given entry point (probably a door, gate, etcetera) and capture the area.

Humans attack the entry point, chipping away at it slowly but surely. Vampires fend them off. If and when the humans successfully break in, they have to 'capture' the map by staying alive while a Flashpoint-esque meter fills. An XP reward is gained by successfully forcing entry, with a successful capture awarding another as well as the XP given for winning the match.

Meanwhile, the vampires do what they do best: Slaughter. They need to prevent the area being breached or, failing that, prevent its capture. The match is won, as per flashpoint, by fending off the humans until the clock runs down. In addition to the standard victory XP, additional XP is awarded if they prevented capture, prevented a breach, or both.

For the Sanctuary of the Clans (sealed by big iron doors), the breach point would be the main door with the capture point obviously being Kain's throne at the base of the ruined pillars. A vampire monument built by slaves...If I were in a rebellion, I'd want to take that just as a point of principle.

The Silenced Cathedral could be another map for this mode, with the humans breaching through to the peak expecting (but obviously failing) to utilize the weapon housed there. Just for purposes of the mode, humans could begin The Fane outside of the city proper and have to break in, with the capture point being Raziel's statue. Other maps could be made for it as well.

Alternatively, this could be a special event mode (in that case, definitely 10v10 at least, more if feasible) with the lobby locked otherwise. Could grant big gold rewards or unique cosmetic items for players who participate in that case (I'm thinking clan flag sashes...).

21st Feb 2015, 23:27
I like the idea. They'd have to have maps specific for this though. Have gates that can be closed and then opened. But it's a great idea. Cap the point to progress through the level