View Full Version : Higher cap for New Recruit

19th Feb 2015, 18:45
Since level was rised to 50, why not rise New Recruit to level 25-30? Thanks to that new players would have more time to get used to the game without being thrown in to deep water with sharks.

19th Feb 2015, 19:07
20 lvl is enough.

19th Feb 2015, 19:10
If you raise it to level 20 then you might as well get rid of new recruit all together. In what way can you still consider yourself a new player after level 15? I still think it should be brought back to level 10.

19th Feb 2015, 19:37
New recruit lobby is designed to teach people the mechanics, not to segregate players. The only way to learn it to play with people better than you, no way around it.