View Full Version : USER INTERFACE Mismatch between scoreboard kills and sum

19th Feb 2015, 10:27

On this screenshoot in early stage of the game vampires have 2 kills and ingame scoreboard sum is 3


Here in midgame vampires have 8 kills and scoreboard sum is 9. Just to point out theese are same people as in first SS (thats why i left names in screenshoot).

In previous game on same server humans had 11-1-0-0 kills and the sum was 16 :scratch:
Did anyone notice this?

19th Feb 2015, 14:54
It means one of the humans got a suicide death.

19th Feb 2015, 15:01
If player commits suicide kill point goes to last enemy that damaged him, though you may be right. Unfortunately i haevn't saved screenshoots of previos match where it was more pronounced, scoreboard sum was 12 and ingame showed 16. That would be too many suicides in the middle of the match.

19th Feb 2015, 15:49
Generally yes the suicide goes to the last damaging person. I noticed the map is in freeport so it is possible for vampires to die with out being damaged due to the water.
That said I've seen this happen on other maps with no attempts at suicide so there is some form of bug in play.