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19th Feb 2015, 08:20
Remember Cars 2 back in 2011? which has received many negative vote? the spies and mafia family? I like stealth game Hitman series alright, especially Hitman Contracts. Thing is, am I the only one who hoped that somebody could make a Hitman spin-off comic, which is the reboot of Cars 2? You see, Left 4 Dead has "The Sacrifice" comic, so why not Hitman spin-off comic? I have some ideas for the plot. Prologue: Diana gives 47 the mission briefing, his first mission takes place in Japan, 47 must protect his VIP American spy and eliminate his pursuers Acer & Grem. The client wants American spy to rendezvous with Finn and Holey safely with information he carries. 47 travels to Japan with Lightning and Mater in the same plane! American spy eventually rendezvous with them and Finn & Holley did not meet with Mater. After that, 47 succeeded in his following missions, disbanding The Lemon family.

The comic has the cool ending, and you all know this ending.

30th Mar 2015, 10:13
Diana’s briefing: Welcome to Tokyo. Your targets are several officers of The Lemon Family, including Professor Zündapp, German scientist and weapon designer of the Family, the internationally-wanted criminal. He had invented his new weapon, an electromagnetic pulse device, which is disguised as a World Grand Prix camera, in which The Big Boss of the Family plans to use it on coming World Grand Prix this week. They keep the new weapon safe and the security is ultra-tight, so the best window of opportunity is during the preparing time of the TV-crew before the start of the race, however keep in mind that the place will be packed with witnesses.
C.H.R.O.M.E, an international spy-training center, is also after The Lemon Family, which they have sent master British spy, Finn McMissile, and his partner, Holley Shiftwell, to arrest Professor Zündapp and the rest of the Family. They plan to meet with American spy, Rod "Torque" Redline, who carries the information of the Family, at the World Grand Prix party. The Family has sent their men, Acer and Grem, to pursue American Spy.
Our client wants Acer and Grem eliminated, with American spy safely rendezvous with British spies, and eliminate the new weapon, along with Professor Zündapp and The Big Boss, who is yet to be identified. There should however be plenty of opportunities for a more silent approach. I know you appreciate that.
Good luck, 47.
The readers read Diana’s briefing in the opening scene of HitCar comic, while 47 travels to Tokyo, Japan, with Lightning and Mater, on the same plane.

24th May 2015, 09:54
Agent 47 gets in the Grand Prix Party with a VIP pass invitation. 47 passes by Lightning & Mater while they are heading down to the party. Then, 47 spotted British spies Finn McMissile and his counterpart Holley Shiftwell, hearing their conservation that they plan to intercept American Spy and receive a package from him. Proceeding his objectives, while passing through Mater, Mater sees 47 and greeting him. Mater compliments at 47’s beautiful dark car color, spectacular car type and his unique car tyres. Avoiding gaining too much attention, 47 ignores him and walks away, while Mater asks him to come back, he’s still talking to him. Later, 47 spotted Acer and Grem going in the washroom, waiting for American spy to appear, before 47 himself sneaks into the employee-only area. Taking cover and using appropriate disguise, 47 manages to sneak into the control room, and turn off the water supply to the washroom. Cars’ taking bath in the washroom are mad that there’s no water now, and everyone gets out of their rooms, Acer and Grem don’t know why this is happening though. Then, 47 goes into the washroom, before placing an “Out of order” sign on the door. Insides, Acer and Grem tell 47 that there’s no water here and get out. 47 ignores them and pretending to get into the room behind them. And now, 47 pulls out his silenced SilverBaller, pointing his gun at one of his target’s head, and shoot. The bullet blasts into Acer’s head and he dies on the spot. Before Grem realizes what’s going on, 47 quickly fires another shot at his head, and Grem dies instantly. After executing, 47 locks the washroom’s door immediately. Meanwhile, Mater made an embarrassment and made a mess in the party. Lightning angrily tells Mater to go to the bathroom and clean himself up. Mater goes to the bathroom, to see the bathroom is out of order, and the door’s locked, along with the American spy-in-disguise. Mater goes into the girls’ bathroom instead and eventually gets out. American spy ignores him and goes away. Inside the washroom, 47 dumps Acer and Grem’s body in the respective room and taking photos of their corpses, and then leaves the washroom.
Back to the party, 47 watches American spy rendezvous with Finn and Holley, talking about their next moves, before 47 himself escapes the area.