View Full Version : Make sure to ask if a player wants to reconnect to an ongoing match!

19th Feb 2015, 00:26
When a player leaves or disconnects from a match it would be a better option to ask them if they want to reconnect to their former match, and not to automatically reconnect them.
Because if the player has left out of their own accord it is a waste of time for everyone involved.
But mostly to his/hers former team who are not scoring any points while the player enters and exits the match numerous times.

On a side note, should a player be penalised for leaving?
- No. Not on quick matches. Just not earn anything out of the match. Otherwise player behaviour ingame will worsen.
- Yes, if ranked(?) matches are ever implemented. But for those matches the player must be notified beforehand of it.

19th Feb 2015, 01:05
I forgot to say the same should be true for game lobbies.
Or at least the choice not to play with or against some players.