View Full Version : Need Help With Achievements: Quad + Immortal Flesh

18th Feb 2015, 21:42

My final 2 achievements - any tips on how to get them ? class, loadout, playstyle, things to look out for etc ?

18th Feb 2015, 22:14
used deceiver for massacre (disguise, infect, shroud). just try to get the last hit with ur standard melee if ur in range, if not hope for infect to finish them off ...
as for immortal flesh i'd say the best choice is a tyrant with a max hp buff on ur main-attack and as perk (makes things a bit easier for ye).
used this loadout for it: jump attack, throw, ignore pain

wish i could trade massacre for one of the two i still need...
- get over here (the whip kill on a wall-scaling vamp)
- tactical strike (2 vamps with 1 grenade)
dunno why they have never unlocked tho ... managed to do both requirements multiple times over already, without success obviously.
well good luck with urs there pal, hf trying :D

- Nec