View Full Version : Summoner Skin Feedback and Suggestion

18th Feb 2015, 17:47
I am not sure if skins can be adjusted at this point, I know it was done some time before so here it goes.

When it comes to the Melchahim Platemail there is just one real issue I have and that is the color. If it is traditional armor of the Melchahim then why not yellow like their clan color and more importantly their banner?

What I would like to suggest is that since there is already some gold trim on there and this is said to be centuries old in the lore, why not make it look as though the armor was made of copper or utilized copper plating (Electroplating) in its creation, The Melchahim are scientists and Melchiah is vain, who is to say they didn't perfect such methods and techniques for armor crafting before their skin affliction became the focus of their research. Since it is centuries old then the copper could have oxidized by now, creating a layer of green over parts of it.


I'd like to suggest this effect for the skin, varying shades of green coloring with some yellow from the copper showing through on parts that haven't oxidized yet with possibly streaks of the yellow showing through where it has oxidized to suggest that strikes from attacks have scraped off some of the green. I think this will give it some more depth while subtly hinting at the Melchahim's own decay.

18th Feb 2015, 18:01
There aren't that many classes with skins themed around their clans colours at the moment. I'd like to see something similar to their Lieutenant's uniforms, if not exactly the same. As a starting point, that Turelim statue from the Crucible would make a good example for his clan. Have the pants be black leather and the sash/loincloth be the green that matches the green of the Turelim's flag. I mean I really wanted capes, but something like that would be a close second choice.

I'm not sure what the Melchahim would have instead of the sash. Some wrap-around tunic thing in his yellow colour maybe? I'm trying to think of something formal for the very highest ranks.