View Full Version : Training With Your Sire... Or a Clash of... Households...

18th Feb 2015, 08:23
Okay, so, my brother and I were just talking about how the only kinds of challenges you can get in on are Humans vs. Vampires, and this got me thinking- just thought I'd share.

I couldn't help but wonder what it'd be like if there was a mode respective for each class for training purposes.
For example- Everyone in a match would play one clan or job- let's say the Dumahim Reavers for instance- and the entire purpose of this match is to run from and fend off Dumah himself. All the other vampire clans would have their own challenge with their sire as well- and the humans would have their equivalent to someone in their orders. The entire purpose of these challenges is to die THE LEAST while still inflicting damage on the trainer... Or it may just be a pipe-dream of mine to have the actual Lieutenants yelling at their progeny.

Totally unfounded in lore, I know, but wouldn't it be fun if some vampires and humans (who hate each other) decided mutually that they hated another set of vampires and humans more? The enemy of my enemy is my friend- at least until my enemy is no more.
It's more or less an open team to have Vampires and humans collaborating together. Whichever team wins the round then gets to try and survive their teammates to see who really won; all the while the original loosing team can watch on if they should so choose.

19th Feb 2015, 01:37
but wouldn't it be fun...

Not really...

I cannot fathom the ongoing desire of some players to change the very foundation of the entire game...

19th Feb 2015, 02:23
The "truce" mode would probably be hard to know who to kill. What I mean is it would take more time to identify who was friend or foe since there was a mix of races on each team. It could turn out to be a bit confusing.