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18th Feb 2015, 01:30
Hello, I will quote my post from steam general discussions.

Nosgoth - Finding a Match System

Hello, I go straight to the point.

I was one hour "In matchmaking pool..." (Europe) waiting for a Flashpoint match that lasts around 10~15 minutes.

Developers, I ask you:

Instead of worrying about getting a new skin or adding a new class, shouldn't you be more worried at fixing a simple system as this one? Despite the fact that you need players and you want to assure a good ping to everyone, I think players (even with a bad ping) can't play the game if they can't find a match...

Now, if players can't find a match, they will simply not play...

Why wouldn't you focus on getting all these simple issues that delays/blocks/throw away so many players from actually enjoying the game?

I speak for myself when I see a Summoner with a [Hell Strike] skill showing another icon when you get killed by it, when the same target effect is equal for [Summon Slayer] and Reaver's [Pounce], when I get stuck in a structure of the new flashpoint system instead of just an area to be, when I climb a wall and when I reach the top it sends me back down, when I look around and I see a dead body having spasms on the ground like some sort of bug, when I see only 2 game modes, when I see (NOT) events such as small tournaments or Admin funny interaction, when I wait forever in the lobby for someone to show up, when this Party System (with friends) is the most bizarre and bugged I've ever seen (such as the "join" process), when I see a game almost the same, as far as I'm playing, asking for serious changes and nothing happens...

This game has a huge potential, please don't make me give up in the next couple months!

The few players that were playing this, stopped playing cuz of these simple problems.

Now, more than ever, developers MUST fix this!

Even before, in closed beta, i never had a problem finding a match, now it's simply impossible. And with new people coming in, this game will have a big "thumbs down" if this remains.

And in the end, it seems to me devs just don't care...

I wonder if these topics reach Square Enix or any developers of the game that can actually change something..

P.S: I do realize this is still in Beta, although there are serious problems that noone seems to care about, that's why I'm posting this.

Thank you for your time.