View Full Version : Thoughts On Fighting The Vanguard

18th Feb 2015, 00:25
So guys and gals,

If I understand it correctly then the new human class called Vanguard (I am so happy with the name change) will be among us a week from now. I was curious about what you think will be the go to response for when this class is stacked in the beginning.

I am thinking that because he seems to have the same short comings as the Alchemist, short range projectile that travels at an arc, that the Sentinel (although butchered by the Vanguard in the lore) will be the go to class when facing that grand shield wall.

To use in game, I am picturing this guy owning the ground where the humans gather. When the vampires come down to get their claws bloody they will find themselves being held off by the Vanguard as the rest of the human team unleashes hell. This is referring to the time after the spamming has ended and diversity of classes returns to the human teams.

18th Feb 2015, 00:59
I imagine the summoner and deceiver would work well since the shield only works from the front. It really all kind of depends on how shielding works with skills. Does it reduce damage from skills too? Does it stop pounce/kidnap?

He also has self-centered AoE buffs so humans might cluster, lending more power to Haze, Jump etc...

18th Feb 2015, 01:05
I saw him stop a pounce when they first showed him off on the stream, I imagine the same will be true when it comes to kidnap; but like you said, he can only guard his front.

18th Feb 2015, 02:40
It's my expectation (and hope) that the Vanguard will be the counter to the faster vampires (reaver + deceiver) and will make Tyrant more important in the meta as the only class that can overpower the Vanguard.

18th Feb 2015, 02:50
Might be we'll be seeing more Backstab Deceivers in play if these guy aren't as good at turning around while their shield is up.