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17th Feb 2015, 12:40
Hi there,

I am looking for guys who like casual gaming. I don't mind meddling in higher level competitive matches, but in general it should be for fun. If you are looking for hardcore competitive matching, this is not for you!

The people I am looking for:

- are able to speak fluent English

-live in Europe (due time difference, sorry America!)

- have a microphone

- are 20 years or older

- have a Nosgoth Profile Level of 15 +

- have a sense of team play

- don't curse their team mates and don't behave like 15 years old (because this should be a team and not a Justin Bieber Concert!)

Now I don't expect people to be online at certain times, nor will there be training sessions or anything like that. The idea is just to meet up whenever we are online (and feel like it), play some games, have fun, call it a day. Pure and simple. Imagine coming back from work or university (or whatever places you go), having two hours before going to sleep, you open up steam and see your buddies online. Join for a game or two. Hell join for more or less I don't care.

Let's just play as a team and have fun playing the game.

About myself:

I am 27 years old, played Nosgoth for something over 55 hours, really like to play as a Reaver or Sentinel, mostly being a Hunter while playing Humans, and I wrote a funny (more or less useful) guide on "How not to suck as an Alchemist".


Look me up on steam or send me a message here. Keep it simple. Well that's it.


22nd Feb 2015, 16:42
Hello mate,

Just sent you a request on Steam if you want to play a little?

I'm in the same boat as you. Love the game, but wanna communicate with people and play as a team.

Give me a shout if you fancy it.



22nd Feb 2015, 17:53
Cool mate, wrote you on steam.

24th Feb 2015, 09:31
I am interested and have few others also that are ( most ) 15+ level.
Were normal people who work, have families and enjoy the game. Will drop you a Steam friend invites and so on.

27th Feb 2015, 15:49
Thanks a lot for the feedback. We've got enough people now to get started, please no more invites! Thank you!

2nd Mar 2015, 06:54
We got our first Casual run yesterday which was really nice.
Here is the first (http://youtu.be/cQQIpBAFmVo?list=PLilmMZNZYFQva-FWslQTe1z-ZYVaUaUR2) part of the last match and the "Revenge Round (http://youtu.be/Ev1Z1-vn1cI?list=PLilmMZNZYFQva-FWslQTe1z-ZYVaUaUR2)"

3rd Mar 2015, 08:21
Amazing and hilarious gameplay from last night.
Three healers and Vanquard (http://youtu.be/7q0W3E4QRmo)

What happens when you take two Prophets ( Healing speck ) and Alchemist ( Healing speck ) with Vanquard + Voice in use with casual team.

We had a blast with this one and I did not even notice that I was recording before the end.. Enjoy.

5th Mar 2015, 09:24
Hi can i still Join your group? Im also a casual player and Im 20+ level, I love to play with casual teams and i do know what good teamwork is :)

5th Mar 2015, 11:42
Hi can i still Join your group? Im also a casual player and Im 20+ level, I love to play with casual teams and i do know what good teamwork is :)

Nice to get more in the group - soon we have to start to count how many are there of us Syhron.

6th Mar 2015, 15:04
Hey, I played Nosgoth a lot in early release, coming back to it now. I'm level 19, add me on steam. Open invitation so anyone can add :D


13th Mar 2015, 08:01
hey ... I am a bit late , but can I still join you guys ?

I live in Egypt which is good because Egypt is in the same time zone as Europe and I play on the eu server .

I am 19 years old , and I have been looking for players who use voice chat instead of talking to my self in public matches .