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17th Feb 2015, 01:49
Hi all,

Just a suggestion for the dev team as I seen alot of people complaining after being beat when playing matches against another team... Would it be possible to have 2 options in private games.

Options for private:
1) normal game mode where people play with all the weapons, perks etc.
2) game mode for competitive where you still have all the weapons, perks etc but you don't have "rechargeable properties" and "mysterious items"

because people automatically assume with A banner all my items have been bought (claiming it's a payed to win game), I was hoping for the 2nd option for competitive to have all weapons and perks but without any rechargeable properties or mysterious items and have everything unlocked even for a new player who comes in the game and jumps on to play...

I know you guys want people to work for it and that's fine, but If people want to get into the scrimming and matching without playing to much of the game to unlock everything I think they should be allowed AS long they don't get to Level up within the private game as I believe it's set like that already.

So even with trying all these unlocked items/characters when it comes to public gaming they will have to start from beginning.

Hope the devs can do something like this as I think it would also benefit people to playing in private learning the characters before hand.

Thank you for your time, ciao.

Jovan "INJI" O
Rain *(Ra)
Nosgoth Australia (http://steamcommunity.com/groups/nosgothAU)

(If my suggestion did not make sense I'm happy to elaborate what I actually mean.. I'm typing this on my way home from work haha)

17th Feb 2015, 03:35
It makes sense and I like both suggestions.

Having a way to get everyone onto an even playing field in terms of item stats is probably required if competitive Nosgoth is to be taken seriously. As far as I know ESL games are played with players using whichever weapon properties they please. I can see how enforcing everyone using strictly white weapons has its difficulties, but for a truly even match to take place this needs to happen one way or another.

Having an option to use all the abilities would be nice too. I've played some just for fun private games where half the players had all the stuff, and others were just trying out the game and had unlocked nothing. Other than the investment in development time I can't see the harm in adding this for privates only.