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16th Feb 2015, 22:57
Missing even one guy in a 4 v 4 game is a huge handicap.

That's 25% of your strength gone. There are already calls for punitive measures be put into place to discourage quitters. But there are legit instances when you do want / need / calls for leaving a match. Including disconnects that you had no control over like crashes or router acting up. Whatever the reason may be, game experience for those still left in the game is ruined. Whenever I see missing team mates on whichever side I make it a point to ask everyone if they wanted to wait. Most are agreeable and we usually spend a few minutes waiting until someone fills up the spot or we get too bored and go FFA.

Suggestion for 'Vote Pause'

What if we were able to Pause the game when there are missing players ?
And have fun while waiting ?

Pause Mechanics

- Vote Pause option appears in Esc menu when there is atleast one empty player spot in the match
- Each player may instigate a Pause vote once per match
- Game may be paused only 3 times per match max

- When someone instigates a Vote Pause, all other players receive a Yes / No poll
- 'Yes' bound to F1 key and 'No' bound to F2 key
- Game still goes on normally until Vote is resolved
- Game is paused if it receives enough* votes

- If a Pause is activated, players will not be able to damage others or activate skills
- They may still move around
- EXCEPT for 1 random person on each team
- They both will be outlined in a light coloured glow**
- These 2 players may opt to duel each other
- If one of them dies, 2 other random players are then selected able to damage each other
- While the rest can only move and watch the duel

- When Teams are full again, server will echo an announcement
- All players are Teleported back to their respective starting spawns
- Countdown begins before normal play resumes.

* may need to decide on what should be considered enough Yes votes
** glow disappears when one contestant damages the other

Pro's and Con's

1. Brand - I cannot recall a game where it made such a feature. This could be a Nosgoth thing.
2. When one person quits, it tends to snowball shortly after. Vote Pause is an incentive to give the match a chance.
3. Dunno if there is a Con to it. I may be biased.

*** Thoughts ? ***

~ Inspired by this match ~


17th Feb 2015, 00:54
Ye there should be something implemented, like no kills count while uneven teams...

17th Feb 2015, 01:28
As a member of this match...I highly agree. Unbalanced team matches quickly allow the team with an advantage to stack up 3+ kills ( 1/10th of the game, as the scoreboard there shows! ) until help arrives, disoriented and not used to the match at hand.

This was also an amazing way to kill time, not only while waiting, but it continued even when it was 4v4 again!

Fully approve.

17th Feb 2015, 18:14
Just watched that match and I would actually like this feature. It looks pretty cool! Then again I just played a match where we won 3v4

23rd Feb 2015, 13:49
i would really like this idea.. good thinking

24th Feb 2015, 21:32
Excellent idea, but for a start I would prefer that there was a positive effect for the remained members of group which would increase damage or survival.

24th Feb 2015, 21:35
+1, I like the idea of vote pause. A forced pause when someone leaves with a 'vote unpause' might also be nice.

25th Feb 2015, 05:24
Another idea - game auto detects missing member and put game in pause state until someone come. If noone joins for 1-2 minutes,game unpause and you have 2 options:
1) Keep playing 3 vs 4...maybe someone will come later. If noone come - in the end of round you don't get any mmr or winrate changes .That should be fair.
2) Just leave and start new lobby .

Also that is will be super nice if devs implent reconnect option. Your internet/electricity could disconnect you,but you wanna return - so why not ?? :)

26th Feb 2015, 01:15
Uhm, it's very hard to find someone that is willing to try a 1v1 with a vampire, so a "dueling system" maybe is not a good idea.

As for the pause button, sure why not, it's an awesome idea.