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15th Feb 2015, 21:20
The idea of this thread is to put things into here that could use changing etc. Please note this is NOT a discussion thread:

Sentinals: sometimes getting them to fly is stupidly retardedly hard, you can jump off high buildings etc and repeatedly press space over and over and still hit the ground instead of flying, having a key specificly for sentinals flight would be better, E key maybe?

Deceivers: currently at a disadvantage when using disguise as human players just shoot at "team mates" coming towards them, and know if they hear the "shots hitting flesh" sound when they do so, they know it's a deceiver in disguise because if they shoot at human players they DO NOT get that sound, so could you add that sound to ALL humans as well so there's no way to tell them apart? :)

Vampires curently do not have any kind of bleed effects or blinding effects, possibly consider a blinding effect as a possible alt power for the summoner, Bleed effect well how about adding something like that to reavers? possibly a alternative to pounce which does less overall damage initialy but does do bleeds afterwards when the vampire releases their "dinner" :)

and Lastly but not least:
While it's great that you seem to have solved the hard lockups issue with the last patch, however people including myself are STILL seeing soft crashes, be it being dumped out of match back to the main menus or outright crash to desktops.
Stability is still a issue and also KEY, there's nothing worse than being in a winning match with 20 seconds left to go and then being either dumped back to main menu unexpectedly or outright crash to desktop due to the client being UNSTABLE.
Stability HAS to be a high if not top priority to you because a game that keeps crashing is a game people are not going to want to play as much as they might IF IT WAS STABLE.


This image is why I say the devs need to sort out the stability, that was the SECOND crash to desktop in the space of 2 games....

16th Feb 2015, 00:12
1. Don't spam spacebar. You're stopping your flight as soon as you start it, then plummet to the ground. Hold shift as you walk off the ledge, tap spacebar once you hop into the air.

2. Hold RMB to go invisible for 4-5 seconds. Never rely on the disguise itself for more than a couple of seconds, and only when you need to.

3. I am hopeful the Rahabim will have a spit-blind ability, though they're far off at the moment.