View Full Version : Help Me Aim Dominate Mind

15th Feb 2015, 17:12
1. I have excellent accuracy and reflex aim. That annoying 180 no scope sniper one shotting you through a one inch gap in shooter games ? I'm that guy.

2. For the life of me, I CANNOT AIM the Dominate Mind in Nosgoth.

Feels like the activation zone moves up and down depending on the vertical angle of my camera. Prolly imagining it. And it seems to also have a mind of its' own when 2 targets are standing close to each other at long distance. I know for sure I have one lined up but as the timer charges up, it'll suddenly switch targets even when no one has moved.

Can someone share any tips on aiming Dominate Mind please ?

This is by far my favourite Nosgoth ability. Would be 2x more fun if I could grab my targets consistently.

15th Feb 2015, 19:40
The line of sight check seems to be more towards the Deceiver's mid-section rather than his head. Once I started playing with that in mind it became much easier to do I find.