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15th Feb 2015, 06:10
Final Fantasy Wikia---Although there aren't many enemies weak to Holy in the game, (7) _ _ _ _ _ _ _ (7) is the only source of Holy magic for player characters to cast, due to the Holy spell being a plot device. (7) _ _ _ _ _ _ _ (7) spell power is equal to 7.5x the base magic damage.

How important is it? Important enough to have one letter for each day of the week.

A hero to those that pray to the light, and conqueror to those that prey on the light.

The four winds blow his transgressions aloft.

One wing spreads justice, the other protects his people with Holy.

アレクサンダ the Great

Alexander the Terrible. :wave: 777 the Sea Star.

Alexander the Defender.

Respectfully yours,
( The Giant Slayer )

9th Apr 2015, 19:56
f you live behind a mask, don't worry.

Never give up in your day to day struggles to be better than yourself.

Instead, give into yourself. You will find that your heart is a Flower. That can be watered with Love.

Over time, you will find strength that is more enormous than a cup of Cosmos Canyon. It will overflow to your neighbors, that heal's them.

You will say, "How should I proceed forward?"

Protect your heart and your neighbor's heart, with Defense.

The Gift of Life, is a gift that keep's on giving.

If you ever need a shoulder to lean on. I will be there for you.

In good form, you can find me right in the front.

Protecting your dreams.

"Protect your Honor, and embrace your Dreams."

Cordially Yours,
( The re-forged, Legendary blade )

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qq2SzNB0oEE --- Final Fantasy VII: Crisis Core - A Flower Blooming in the Slums ~ Aerith [Extended w/ DL Link]