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14th Feb 2015, 23:14
Hello, we are two Hitman veterans who really care about this game and are concerned about the future trend of the series.
So we listed some things which are in our opinion necessary in a good Hitman game:
(Sorry for any grammar mistakes but we are no native english speakers.)
*** - Deadly important
** - Important
* - Not so important

First of all:

- Inventory and Equipment: (not more than this)***
-- Silverballers
-- Fiber wire
--Small melee weapon (holstered for example in the shoe)
-- 2 small mines
-- 2 syringes (1 lethal, 1 anesthetize)
-- Briefcase for a sniper rifle (in different sizes for the type of rifle like in the predecessors)
-- Maximum one additional magazine per weapon
-- Lighter / flashlight or some small gadgets

- Weapon handling and ammunition:***
-- No holstering of large weapons without a case (like a bag for a shotgun etc.or a poster roll for the katana)
-- Carrying rifles visibly on the back if no holster available
-- Picking up ammo only by searching the body or clicking on the ammo laying around (takes you a couple of seconds)
-- The ability to throw weapons away

- Level design and gameplay:
-- Blood traces left by corpses while dragging if they have open wounds***
-- bullets are affected by time, wind and gravity (especially while sniping a target that is more than 200m away from you)**
-- Sprinting and falling objects are making noises and if it is in a restricted area, guards will investigate it and get suspicious***
-- More objects that can fall if bumped into them**
-- More open maps / more ways of finishing the mission***
-- Not only headshots kill with one hit also any other instant lethal hits**
-- Bleeding to death is possible for NPC’s and the player**
--->In addition to the Inventory as mentioned above you have two bandages (takes time to save yourself; bullet wounds or other injuries are healed in different ways and time durations)
-- The players body is separated in 5 parts (also the NPC’s body)***:
--- Head, Torso (some parts are instantly lethal for NPC’s), Arms, Hands, Legs
--- By the place hit, you lose the ability to use this part until you heal yourself and they have different affects on your health***
-- Wounds leave marks on the players and the NPCs clothing and bodies**
-- Save the amount of ammunition in the magazine shot by the NPCs for the amount of picking up and the possibility of running out**
-- No more checkpoints but a limited amount of saves (depending on the difficulty)**
---> Also leaves more possibilities because you do not get led by checkpoints
-- No weapons fall out of the enemies when dying unless they had it equipped***
-- The ability to shoot through thin walls or light objects**
-- The player adapts to the cover he is hiding behind (no parts sticking out like the top of the head)**
-- Shadows and differentiation of light (in shadows it’s harder for enemies to spot you)**
-- You can look through keyholes**
-- Skills can’t be achieved by only playing through the story but by spending skill points for your abilities of choice (you can’t have everything so you need to specialize for example long range or melee combat)**
-- When going up or down stairs you become slower and go step by step (not this floating up like in Absolution)***
-- A “grey”-zone between the restricted area and the neutral zone is needed***
-- Reloading while hostage situations is possible**
-- Collecting of information are possible and can have consequences on the gameplay (e.g. safe codes etc.)*

- NPC’s:
-- Guards get suspicious when hiding in the ventilation shaft with a lighter or flashlight (switching on or off at will)*
-- No useless shooting by unaffected NPC’s***
-- If the barrel of your gun is sticking out of your cover the enemies will see you***
-- If the disguise is a more uncommon outfit, you will get recognized faster by other people wearing the same (if it is a small amount of people wearing this outfit they will recognize their co-workers better)***
-- Verbal interaction with NPC’s possible especially pedestrians (for information or bribery)**
-- The NPC’s are acting logically (they do not run into the field of fire in which others died)**
-- NPC’s will warn the player before entering restricted areas (the “grey”-zone as mentioned above)***
-- No same looking NPC’s***
-- NPC’s will notice objects thrown before they hit the ground, if they fly through their field of view and will go to the place where it came from**
-- NPC’s will get suspicious if there are weapons or other dropped objects (like cell phones) laying around (but as mentioned above you can throw them away and hide them)***
-- The abort of a call (when a person is phoning and gets killed or anesthetized) will make the other person suspicious and call the police or other reinforcements)**
-- If an NPC looks around while standing in the opposite direction to the player he notices movement in the area he sees for these couple of seconds when he looks over his shoulder
(the field of view is fixed to the head not to the body). Also a view angle of an NPC must be around 150°***
-- logical spawn points of the reinforcements**

- Singleplayer:
-- Getting money for solved missions (more or less depending on the civil losses and stealth)**
-- Not possible to successfully finish a mission with pure violence***
-- Not only a storyline but also contracts not bound to the story for earning money**
-- A customizable hideout (the more you upgrade your Hideout the more things you unlock e.g. new weapon customization) for storing and upgrading your weapons, gadgets and disguises**

- Combat system (singleplayer AND multiplayer):
-- NO quick-time events (or at least more complicated ones)***
-- blocking and attacking with controlling the directions**
-- Different styles of attacking (kicks, punches, headbutts and different styles with knives or weapons in melee combat and interaction with the environment) and blocking***

- Multiplayer:
-- Creating your own Hitman***
---> Customizable body, suit, barcode, hideout
-- PvP**
--- Players hunt players through a map filled with NPCs and have to eliminate another Player but fail if they shoot the wrong Hitman**
--- Players hunt a target NPC and the killer wins money depending on the style he used to kill (stealth is worth more money)**
-- COOP*
---> Playing through contracts and missions together (amount of money gets split by the number of people playing and everybody affects the total amount)
-- Open-World Map:**
--- Dynamic world (Events that affect the city)***
---- Bounty on Players who broke laws or acted against the Agency (other players are now free to hunt the Hitman**
---- Bounty on random NPC’s (not always)**
---- If the player is getting arrested or killed he loses money and every weapon except the standard weapons***
---- Missions for helping the police to get “Honor-Points” and the confiscated weapons***
--- Bigger Events with more Hitmen playing together which affects the townscape (like buildings getting blown up)**
-- Your own hideout (you can buy different and more expensive ones around the town and start with a cellar in the agency)**
-- Stores (Weapons, Suits, Armor)***
-- Stores owned by the Agency with the possibility to hide from the police*
-- Public places to meet and get information (restaurants or cafes)*
-- not the same skill tree for singleplayer and multiplayer**
-- The ability to create your own contracts with your own targets and download others (like in Absolution)**

- Miscellaneous:
-- Interrogation scenes (controlled by the player; Splinter Cell Convictions)*

Thank you for reading and hopefully these suggestions will be considered in the development of Hitman 6
- Prof. Dr. and Jediknight (our Steam nicknames)

15th Feb 2015, 10:18
And the Music by Jesper Kyd is very important! ***

22nd Feb 2015, 21:14
I think that multiplayer is very important for videogames nowdays.So why not make good multiplayer mods for Hitman.It will be great!So your ideas are good.We must bring real multiplayer mod to hitman.

5th Jun 2015, 04:35
Dude, some of your ideas are BRILLIANT!!
I'm stealing some of them to ass them to mine, soon writing a topic about it, cheers!!