View Full Version : Tips in loading's screen, lobby.

14th Feb 2015, 19:03
Hello !

I think it would be useful for new players to have some tips in the loading's screen as you connect to a server, just like in Team Fortress 2 http://i.stack.imgur.com/jpTkc.jpg or in the lobby while waiting for a game.

For example :

- As a Human, you can hear and see deceiver's footsteps while they're invisible, pay attention.
- As a Human, cover each other's back and stay in line of sight of your teammates.
- As a Reaver, your Shadow Bomb is useful to open a fight and create chaos in enemy's line.

14th Feb 2015, 20:43
I'd rather loading screens show off bits of lore myself. Tips can be learned in New Recruit.

14th Feb 2015, 22:34
I agree, that would be nice to get some lore in loading screens.
Tips could be in lobby then, we're already spending some time waiting for a game, we could spend a bit of that time reading tips and advices.