View Full Version : TR2013 makes me sick

14th Feb 2015, 12:32
Started replaying the old TR2013 game and the camera movement is making me sick just like before. That and the lens flare and all the effects its like an 8 year old went nuts with a video editor.

Has there been any mods? or script ini tweaks found to reduce or remove all the camera wobble and shake? Noticed there is no audio menu, was this removed? Wanted to turn down the effects sounds and music a bit, some reason Lara's voice is real low.

*In the future for fans of these games would be nice to have an option to disable the camera wobble like all other games have so we dont throw up from motion sickness playing the game T_T

14th Feb 2015, 12:52
Playing the game I also notice every now and then it glitches out putting all these hexagons all over the screen. Is this a bug or some intended filter making the game look like a trashy instagram pic cuz that never happens IRL... Crossing the log after escaping the tunnel I noticed them more, thought it was a bug earlier, games been out awhile so figured these bugs would be patched.
(dual Titan Z, Intel 5960)

*found the audio menu, seems they put sfx and dialog on the same slider. Requesting in future to have the dialog have a seperate slider, since now I cant adjust the slider to turn down the effects to hear the dialog better since their linked to the same slider....

24th Feb 2015, 14:38
I have a headaches playing games but I didn't get anything like that from TR.