View Full Version : MISC. Point of no return for Executions and abilities

13th Feb 2015, 19:27
adding a point of no return for both abilities and executions is something that would be more than extremely beneficial for the game. As of right now when I am on the vampire side when I go to execute and get my lips on their throat I find that I am usually shot off right before it starts to heal me, causing more than a little frustrating considering I already drug their body half way across the map and attempted to hide. I was also in a game earlier today where I was playing the alchemist class and attempted to throw the Fire wall down and nearly had it I had already thrown the vial (containing the Firewall) but since it hadn't hit the ground before I died it didn't fully cast, I understand how the chances of this ever happening is probably near 1 out of 1,000,000 but when it does happen it is also frustrating. adding a "point of no return" to abilities and executions not only allows for more fun and interesting gameplay but also a less frustrating environment. Which the game is currently filled with, I find the game more frustrating than fun, adding these points would greatly increase the fun of the game.

13th Feb 2015, 19:30
"It happens 1 out of 1,000,000 times but it's frustrating that one ridiculously rare time it does happen so change it!"

That seems a tad excessive. Take your meals more securely and/or strategically (Tip: you can be followed. Time it well.) and drop Fire Wall earlier if death is that imminent. That'd solve the problem. And I'm not sure I see how this would make anything more interesting...