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13th Feb 2015, 10:32
Note: this thread includes detailed information of important events and characters in episode one of Life is Strange: Chrysalis. If you are new to Life is Strange, or have yet to play it, then maybe you would rather discover and experience this world for yourself through normal game play. That being the case then I urge you not to read this thread.

What is really going on in Arcadia Bay? And apart from its significance, what other part has the coming storm to play in the unfolding of events? Is the lighthouse important? Why is Max able to rewind time at will? - is it a gift she has always had but never realised, or is it tied in with her timely return to Oregon and her reunion with a troubled old friend? Where is Rachel Amber and what were the circumstances that made her mysteriously disappear without word or warning? Is she still alive? These questions many people will be asking and I'm sure, like myself, the seeds of curiosity have been firmly planted allowing us to develop and grow our own theories. Speaking of which, I have many things racing around inside my head, but who wouldn't have after several play-throughs of this remarkable game.

But it is far too early to lay claim to any answers, and at this stage of the series I can only draw conclusions based on tenuous links I have made from first impressions whilst meeting the varied characters within the game; either by closely observing their behaviour, or noting the things that they have said; but let us not forget that everything is subject to change.

Yes, many red herrings there are in Arcadia Bay, but where would a good mystery be without them? There are suspects aplenty, and I'm sure that many a suspicion will be inappropriately placed on the wrong character, but that is how it should be and the developers know this fact very well, and what's more they will use this deceptive device for all it's worth; keeping us on our toes to make us continually question everything that we think we know.

So just for a bit of fun, and fun only (I'm not sticking my neck out too far here due to lack of vital insider information) I want to share with you my own thoughts on all the protagonists and antagonists Max has actually interacted with in episode one. It also goes without saying that my feelings on all the characters are not set in concrete, and I'm sure that after playing through future episodes my opinion about them will be radically changed.

So with no further ado and, in no strict chronological order of appearance, let's begin.

This is not a review, guide, or walkthrough.

Kate Marsh

Student at Blackwell: friends with Max.

Seems to have something constantly tormenting and preoccupying her mind and, as Max has told us, hasn't smiled or laughed in the past month. So there is obviously something happening in Kate's life which she can't resolve making her unhappy and sad. We see Kate just before the closing credits sitting on her bed distraught and in tears. She either knows something secretive which she can never tell to anyone for fear of reprisal, or has done something wrong which she is deeply ashamed of - perhaps it's to do with what was written on that screwed up piece of paper Taylor threw at her which then dropped to the floor. When Max picks it up and reads it she wishes she hadn't. . .

"Dear Kate. We love your porn video. Xoxo Blackwell Academy."

(Author's note: ewww!)

I find this rather odd that such a thing would be left lying around on a classroom floor for anyone to casually find and read!! But it's there nonetheless and obviously intended for us to find and read, also. Thing is, I don't believe it, and poor Kate is suffering from constant taunting and humiliation that, more likely than not, began as a vicious rumour which then escalated into a full blown fabricated accusation. If this be the case, the cruelty of it alone would cause an internal moral dilemma for Kate, and what if the religious groups she is said to be involved with ever got to hear about it, what then would become of her? People can be really nasty at times! (shudders at the thought.)

Then there's David Madsen, Chloe's stepfather. We see him talking with Kate when Max is leaving the dormitories, but their conversation is definitely not pleasant. Madsen is trying to force something out of her, something he believes she knows. Does it have anything to do with the disappearance of Rachel Amber? And as Max discovered in Chloe's house, he has taken several candid photographs of Kate and has wrote: she knows something, on one of them. This of course may well turn out to be something completely different than what it's suggesting on face value. We know that Madsen is a stringent security officer at the academy, so maybe it has more to do with internal affairs such as - just as an example - the antics of the elitist Vortex Club?

Whichever way you look at it there's more going on with Kate Marsh than at first meets the eye. Out of all the students we meet Kate has been granted a lot of game time, so she is a prime candidate then for receiving the somewhat dubious red herring award. Perhaps we may learn more if Kate and Max ever get together for tea - as was agreed between them in their text messaging.

Right here and now as I'm typing this I don't see Kate Marsh as being a bad person and I suspect that the damning thing written on that screwed up piece of paper has something to do with her current state of mind. But she can't go on like this forever - under pressure, the cork will eventually explode from the bottle - so she will 'confess up' and the truth will out! As they say.

There are two consequential moments in "Chrysalis" when Max can rewind time and change her decisions she has made concerning Kate.

1) In the dormitory Max can wipe clean the religious taunting written on Kate's slate board outside of her room and replace it with the CND symbol.

2) When Max leaves the dorm and espies Kate being interrogated by Madsen. She has the choice of taking a photo of Madsen, or to intervene on Kate's behalf.

We have come to learn during the game that the choice Max makes produce both negative and positive results, and in some cases produces a double negative! What the true consequences will be for Kate in later episodes is not clear, so we will just have watch this space and let it unfold. It is clear though that Kate can't focus or concentrate in the classroom - she needs help - even if it's just to prise out of her the very thing that is so tormenting her mind.

Victoria Chase

Student at Blackwell: Vortex Club member.

She considers herself as one of the educated elite at Blackwell. Teacher's pet! Obviously has wealthy parents who furnish her with all the latest and best high-tech gadgetry; probably spoilt as a child, too! Likes to be the centre of attention at all times and deeply dislikes anyone who dares to distract said attention away from her - such as Max did in the classroom when she rewound time to jump in first with an answer to a question Jefferson had posed. Hangs around with Taylor and Courtney, her two sycophantic cronies. And if truth be known, probably sees herself winning the prize for the "Everyday Heroes" contest which would fly her out to San Francisco with teacher Mark Jefferson to perchance kick start a career in photography. Callously wrote who cares on one of the 'Rachel Amber is missing' posters that Chloe had flooded the academy with and, during the montage before the ending credits we see her studying one of the posters before contemptuously casting it to the ground.

So I think we are supposed to dislike Victoria a great deal and, looking at her through the eyes of suspicion, would consider her to be capable of doing many nasty, small-minded, petty things. She certainly has many of the characteristic traits most people would find abhorrent, but having said that we learn in the game that a few students do actually like her, and if I'm honest, I don't dislike her either. Yes, she can act like the Queen of Bi-arch at times but we do get to see a softer, considerate side of her personality outside the dorm when, after being splattered with paint, Max chooses to comfort her.

Victoria, like Kate, was given much game time, but in Victoria's case we come to learn more about how her mind works even though her modus operandi appears superficial at best. The important question is whether or not she knows anything about the disappearance of Rachel Amber? The thing is with Victoria - and I think it's a given - is that she would view any girl who is better looking and prettier than herself as a potential, attention diverting threat. But does this mean she would conspire to help get rid of her? Well, you know, right here and now I don't think so. Victoria may be many things we deem as unpleasant in a young girl, but I find it difficult to believe she would get herself involved in something like that - she lacks the courage and daring.

There are two consequential actions involving Victoria.

1) After the paint splattering incident, Max can either comfort, or make fun of her.

2) In Victoria's dorm room Max can mess up some photos and arrange them into a rude sign.

It is not clear what the consequences of these actions will turn out to be, but knowing Victoria they will be based on her petty-minded need for vengeance.

David Madsen

Internal Security: Blackwell Academy. Stepfather to Chloe.

David Madsen makes many appearances during episode one, and in each instance he comes down like a verbal hammer on everyone he speaks to, all except Principal Wells. Obviously then, he respects authority figures, but this isn't surprising given that he has a military background and is used to following orders. He comes across as being a little bit paranoid and sees everything as conspiracy; perhaps he had an unfortunate experience during a military operation which has haunted him ever since? But anyone he views as unimportant or below his personal status, namely the students, he seems to relish every opportunity to bully and harass them and throw accusations in their faces - assuming them to be guilty of infringing some academic rule or something far worse. His need to assert control and order within the academy, and beyond, makes him a manic control freak in my eyes, but let's not be too hasty and quick to judge him just yet.

Speaking of control: Madsen wants to install surveillance cameras all over the school and a petition to prevent this from happening is underway. We see him at the closing scenes installing yet another camera on the outside of his house, and for now, the reason for doing this is known only to him!

When we meet Chloe we learn that she despises Madsen for various reasons, the prime one being that he will never, in her eyes, ever take the place of her deceased father whom she loved dearly. When Max is doing her snooping downstairs in Chloe's house she listens to a recorded message on the answer phone, the message is from Madsen who is ordering her to stay away from the garbage dump that Pete, a colleague of his, saw her wandering about in. He goes on to say that she has no idea what kind of scum are living out there and that she should stay away from it, but just as he utters the word ordered he suddenly pauses, and in a self conscious, self reproachful moment, changes the word to told. So we see that he is finding it difficult to alter his mind-set from being a soldier in the Marines, to a normal civilian in everyday life.

So what can we really glean by studying the behaviour of Madsen? In every scene he walks into he is very intense, bordering on anger, frowning with a semi-controlled inner rage. He is usually aggressive and in his confrontational conversations, shouts more times than he talks. He is quick to strike out at people - when he can get away with it, namely Chloe in her bedroom, and it makes me wonder just how he treats her mother. Maybe secretly, if he could, he'd like to lash out at the students, too, until he forces whatever he thinks they know out of them?

Madsen then, has issues with self restraint and control. He can clearly become suddenly violent even over the most trivial of things. This is yet another character in Arcadia Bay that instinctively, we are meant to distrust or dislike, but despite his over the top methods and domineering personality, I think Madsen's heart is in the right place, generally speaking. So this raises the question as to whether or not he knows anything about Rachel Amber. He would certainly know that she has disappeared, but is it this very mystery that has triggered off his current behaviour at Blackwell? He must have his own thoughts and feelings on the subject but as yet we have not been privy to them and as to the reasons for hounding Kate Marsh - and if indeed they are Rachel Amber related, we must wait for further developments to remove the ambiguity surrounding this volatile character. The one possibility that comes to mind concerning his installation of cameras at home is this: it is reasonable to assume that he knows about Chloe's friendship with Rachel Amber and after she suddenly vanished, and with what he may or not know about the matter, he is taking precautions in order to protect his adopted family? The jury is still out!

There are five consequential actions involving Madsen.

1) Outside the dorm when he is intimidating kate Marsh. Max has the choice of taking a photo of Madsen, or to intervene on Kate's behalf.

2) This one doesn't happen in the presence of Madsen. Whilst searching for the tools in the garage, Max stumbles upon a closed circuit television system that Madsen has installed in their home. If she chooses to switch it on and doesn't rewind there will consequences after he finds out.

3) This one, again, doesn't happen in the presence of Madsen. During her rummaging around in the garage, Max finds some files on top of a cupboard which contains pictures of Kate Marsh. If she chooses not to cover up her snooping and rewind, there will be consequences.

4) When Madsen returns home and demands that Chloe lets him into her room, Max is told by Chloe to hide. Once Max has hidden herself away inside a wardrobe she has the choice to stay hidden or step in.

5) There is a moment in the fourth consequence where, if Max doesn't hide herself away in time, Chloe has to let Madsen in. He finds the joint and asks who it belongs to, then, shock horror! Chloe says that it belongs to Max! He then asks Max if this is true. Max can then choose to blame Chloe or take the blame herself. And immediately after this Chloe tells Madsen that she has surveillance proof that he has hassled Kate Marsh. And again, this action will have consequences.

Lots going on then with David Madsen, and it will be interesting to see this story thread develop. He definitely knows more than he's letting on, and what, or if, he knows about Rachel Amber, we can only wait and see.

Principal Wells

Headmaster at Blackwell.

There isn't much I can deduce about him in the very limited game time this character got. Chloe reckons he's a drunk, but that might well be because she got kicked out of Blackwell, so she will most likely take any opportunity to slur his character - especially as he's an authority figure!? At the ending sequence we see him standing at a window watching the unexpected snowfall while taking a drink: is it alcohol?

There is only one consequential action involving Principal Wells.

When Max exits the toilets after she has rewound time and saved Chloe, she is jumped upon by Madsen (no shock there). Before he can get his teeth into her Wells calls across for him to leave Miss Caulfield alone and go turn off the alarm. The ensuing conversation with Wells can't be avoided; if Max tries to leave through the main entrance - effectively ignoring him - she is called back by Wells. He then proceeds to tell her that she looks a little stressed out and if she's okay? Max tells him that she's just a little worried about her future. Principal Wells acts like he doesn't believe her and begins to question her in an accusatory manner. He then claims to Max that she can always be upfront with him - he slowly moves toward her and asks if she's done something wrong.

1) Max can either report Nathan, or hide the truth.

The thing to note here is no matter how Max responds to Wells it returns a negative result. And in each case Wells contacts her mother reporting her daughter's behaviour. So is this because Max dared to bring the Prescott name into disrepute?

Wells must have known Rachel Amber when she attended Blackwell, so what does he know about her disappearance? Or is it true that he only cares about monetary funds for the school and nothing else?

Principal Wells is definitely someone I would label as a dark horse. We know too little about him yet to have any trust in him as a person - let alone a headmaster.

Nathan Prescott

Student at Blackwell: Vortex Club member.

Disliked by those not in the Vortex Club. Liked by those who are in the Vortex Club. This alleged bad boy has very rich and powerful parents whose influence reaches far and wide - including the affairs at Blackwell Academy. Peddles contaminated drugs to whoever will buy them, probably involved with other shady dealings too! We see him in action three times in episode one, yet twice if you discount the double take in the toilets where he meets Chloe before the shooting incident. Prescott acts like a paranoid control freak, full of confidence one moment, but the next, full of fear and doubt. Lashes out at anyone he considers as a threat or stands in his way, but I think this character may well reveal one hell of a yellow streak inside him later on.

His dealings with Chloe brought about her unexpected reunion with Max in the school car park. Prescott rages wildly when the two girls make their escape and Max's would-be boyfriend, Warren, takes the brunt.

Much can be said about Prescott and his awful personality, but apart from the label of rich bad boy, there isn't really that much we know about him other than what we learn from Chloe, but because he has well-to-do parents of reputable name, and his social standing at the school, Chloe wouldn't really like him regardless of her less than savoury dealings with him.

The big question is, again, does Prescott know anything about Rachel Amber? He knows much, for sure, but it doesn't necessarily follow that he had anything to do with her disappearance. It is said that Rachel had dealings with the Vortex Club, but in her own right, far too cool to ever want to be in it!

Need more info!

Ms Grant

Science teacher at Blackwell.

Max has said through her inner dialogue that she likes Ms Grant. We know nothing about her other than the fact she has started the petition against Madsen's desire to install security cameras all over the school. In all her dialogue there is nothing really to get suspicious about, but she did mention something, a tantalising clue that may be of importance: she said that the region has a power! How very mystical! All in all though, she appears as a solid, informed, morally responsible person and teacher. We will have to wait and see if she has a more pivotal part to play in the interwoven story threads in later episodes.

There is only one consequential action involving Ms Grant.

Following the conversation with Ms Grant just outside the main entrance, Max is offered the opportunity to sign a petition against the installation of surveillance cameras at Blackwell.

1) Sign. Don't sign.

On the surface at least, the petition seems just and favourable, but maybe the consequences will be far darker than we realise - does she have a secret agenda all of her own?

Mark Jefferson

Teacher at Blackwell: world renowned photographer.

This guy knows his stuff. He is nurturing, mildly sarcastic, and at times, patronising. Set the "Everyday Heroes" contest where the winner will zoom out with him to San Francisco. Rumour has it, according to Stella; at least, Jefferson had intimate relations with Rachel Amber?! (I beg your pardon? Author.) Well it does happen in the real world, so there's no reason it couldn't happen at Blackwell, either. So going purely by rumour and rumour alone, Jefferson may not be the wholesome, upright character that the title of teacher would naturally grant to him.

Too much speculation here to draw upon inconclusive story threads, but if this alleged affair did take place and, to protect his reputation, would Jefferson make her disappear by force or bribe? Stay tuned.

There are no consequential actions involving Jefferson. However, there are opportunities for Max to rewind time after she has learned something important, then, she can upstage Victoria, or impress Jefferson with her worldly knowledge.


Student at Blackwell: classmate of Max.

Daniel is the student we see being harassed by Logan when Max leaves Jefferson's classroom and walks down the corridor. Max describes Daniel as - he's so nice - and once outside, Max can go and chat with him. He asks if she would like him to do a sketch of her with the proviso that he will post it up on a social network, namely Facebook. Now this to me is a bit creepy and disturbing, especially when you come to realise he has a voice like Peter Lorre (giggles at my own comparison - google it if you don't know him) and anyone looking or sounding like Peter Lorre who asks me if I would like my picture plastered up on social network after he had drawn it would get back a huge resounding NO! Or, in the words of the great John McEnroe. . .You can NOT be serious!?!? (sorry about that, couldn't resist it.)

There is one consequential action involving Daniel.

1) As above. When Daniel asks Max if it would be okay to draw her she can choose to allow it, or not to allow it.

There is far too little of Daniel that we see in episode one to make any assumptions about his character. Okay, okay! I admit it, I called him creepy and disturbing, but it's how I feel about that particular scene.


Caretaker at Blackwell.

Max reckons that Samuel is a weirdo; but she likes that about him!?

Ermm - okay.

I have nothing further to add about him right now, short and sweet.


Student at Blackwell: Vortex Club member.

Max describes him as not an ass. Hayden doesn't feature much in episode one, the only thing he really contributes is outside when Max finds him sitting on the grass. She learns that yes, he knew Rachel, liked her, thought she was a blast, and knows nothing about her disappearance. He also states quite categorically that Prescott and Victoria are not so bad once you hang with them and get to know them - and damn the haters!

Nothing much to go on here. End of.


Student at Blackwell: Cheerleader.

Archetypal cheerleader according to Max. Very beautiful. Has a room in the same dorm as Max. Dana gets locked in her room by Juliet (Haha! Author) when she is suspected of sexting with her boyfriend, Zachary. Max has to retrieve Warren's flash drive from her room, and she learns that Victoria is behind this scandalous inconvenience and Max dashes off to Victoria's room to search for the damning evidence. Max finds it and returns to Juliet.

Who knows if this story thread is significant or not - talk about drama queens!

Anyway. There is one consequential action involving Dana.

1) When Max gives Juliet the email she got from Victoria's room, Dana is released. Max can then enter Dana's room and pick up the flash drive. During her nose-around Max stumbles upon a pregnancy test kit, and if she has the cheek to look at it the consequence is triggered. Because of the pregnancy test discovery Max learns that Dana was pregnant but not anymore! Oh dear! Oh dear!

Does Dana know anything about Rachel Amber? Probably lots, but is it anything significant?

I have no idea right now.


Student at Blackwell: aspiring photographer.

Not much to go on with Evan other than the fact he once did a photo session with Rachel Amber. Quiet with Max, so she doesn't really learn much from him.

There are no consequential actions involving Evan.

My mind's a blank with this one!


Student at Blackwell.

Again, nothing much to go on except her boyfriend troubles. (See Dana's section for more info.)

That's all peeps!


Chloe and Max were once best friends.

Somewhat changed since Max last saw her. Strong willed, punked out, sticks up for herself, has personal issues, dislikes authority figures, and is a drug user. Chloe isn't happy about the fact that when Max moved she didn't make any attempt to keep in touch with her. Feels that everyone she likes or loves is taken from her, this includes Rachel Amber who effectively took the place of Max after she left. Life has changed Chloe to a mere shadow of her former self, so much so that Max failed to recognise her when she stowed herself away in the school toilet.

There is a disquieting tendency with Chloe to blow caution to the wind and rush in where only fools dare to tread. In the bedroom incident when Max fails to hide herself away, Madsen barges in and demands to know who the joint he finds in the ashtray belongs to? Chloe, surprisingly, immediately claims it belongs to Max! So we see an aspect of Chloe that is not very appealing, to suddenly push the blame for something that belongs to her onto someone else at the drop of a hat! I find her to be very unstable but time will tell.

The worrying thing for me about Chloe is whether or not she was actually as close to Rachel as she says she was? There is much we take at face value because we know that Max used to be close to her and, for this reason we tend to want to believe her side of the story.

Both Rachel and Chloe have had tattoos done, this would suggest that maybe they both decided one day that they should have them to consolidate their companionship or closeness with each other.

But there again, I could be totally off the boil with this one, it's just a feeling I get through analytical observation.

Apart from the scenes involving Madsen, there is only one more consequential action with Chloe.

1) When Max is free to roam around in Chloe's room she accidently knocks off a snow globe from high up which then drops to the floor and breaks. This action has a consequence of unknown quantity and gravity.

Max Caulfield

Student at Blackwell.

No. I'm not going to go through it all again! But there is a consequence involving Max, herself, that strikes me as rather odd. When she goes to her room in the dorm she can water her pot plant. This action will have consequences!? Any ideas? I have nothing other than the plant gets too much, or too little water.

The other consequence that I should mention concerns the small Winnebago in the school car park. Max can write clean me on one of the windows then take a photograph of it. This action has a consequence. At the close of episode one we see the owner standing at the door of the vehicle with a dog. Max has yet to meet this character I suspect.

There is one more thing that I should highlight while I discuss Max. During the game Max has a continuous inner dialogue which is more for our benefit than for anything else. But there is a moment when Max is looking at a picture of the lighthouse and while studying it she suddenly says, "you can never escape the lighthouse here." Now what exactly would inspire her to tell us such a thing like that? The curious thing here is that the lighthouse is featured heavily in everything to do with Life is Strange. It is on banners, adverts, trailers, and literally anything else relating to the game. So to think it has a minor part to play in the story seems quite ridiculous to me and, let's not forget that the game actually started at the very spot where the lighthouse is situated. I am thinking that the game may well end there too.


The remaining characters input dwindle from this point onward, having little or nothing to contribute to the main plot. Perhaps they are just there to make up the numbers so we see that the school appears as a hive of activity? I don't think they will impact the story strongly because it will slow the pace down too much if we have to go through yet another get to know session in the next episode. But who knows?

Quick overview of remaining characters

Warren: Would-be boyfriend of Max. Takes a hit on the face from Prescott during the car park scene helping out Max, resulting in a black eye.

Taylor & Courtney: friends of Victoria. Had no verbal part in the story.

Stella: limited dialogue. Arduous according to Max; voiced the Jefferson-Amber rumour.

Justin: skateboarder. Spoke of nothing else.

Luke: He is the guy way over to the right sitting at a wooden table near the dorm entrance. Max can have a brief conversation with him concerning Prescott.

Brooke: just Brooke, but with a drone.

Logan: Vortex Club member. Bully.

Alyssa: doesn't hang out with a lot of people.

Zachary: Vortex Club member. Sexting maniac!

Well that's about it I'm afraid. Hope you found it worth reading, and my - ermmm, insights or thoughts on Chrysalis was entertaining enough. And if you've made it this far, then good for you and thank you for reading!

And oh! One more thing; I accept that I may have missed some incidental things out and, in some parts maybe some major things, but the core of the story and the lead characters are all in there. So please feel free to correct me, or add to anything I may have got wrong, or missed out completely.

Oh Oh! And please hurry up with episode two. :wave:

n.b. Sorry about the length of this, I think I got a bit carried away.

13th Feb 2015, 10:38
Phew! I'm so glad to have been able to sort the font size out. Got me confused a bit there. :tongue2:

17th Feb 2015, 10:53
Wow, such a detailed write up. We love it :) Thanks for sharing

17th Feb 2015, 16:21
Wow, such a detailed write up. We love it :) Thanks for sharing

Aw, thanks! :)

This author is now officially suffering from withdrawal symptoms.

I need episode two. . .NOW! :rasp: :tongue2:

6th Mar 2015, 18:47
It's a fun read, Juliet! :wave:

I think the surveillance petition will mean that more or less cameras will be watching in the future. I don't think that Ms Grant has a secret agenda.

I suspect Principal Wells has some dark secrets, but they are due to a personal weakness. He may have a relationship with a student? Or, secretly funding a new addition to his house with school funds?

David Madsen seems like an evil guy who's only motivated by his own desires. I won't be surprised if he has blood on his hands, soon.

I love Kate. She reminds me of people I've come across, and this character is realistic very believable.

Mark Jefferson reminds of some of the elitist professors I've had in college. But, he comes off as a responsible guy, despite all of the girls fawning over him.

The relationship between Chloe and Max is very common. Friends at a young age, they drift apart, then meet up again years later. I like this plot element. It was neat to see Max describing the dresser and recalling how they painted it together.

Those are some of my thoughts. Ep2 should be coming in the next couple weeks (hopefully). :gamer:

6th Mar 2015, 20:19
Hello zackdollars, and thank you for taking the time to read my thoughts - even if they are rather long! :whistle:

It will be very interesting to see how all the characters develop and what exactly their impact on the story will be? And although my ideas are purely based on early conjecture, I'm sure they might contain an ounce or two of truth? We will see.

As for the release date of episode 2, I'm sure I read somewhere that it was scheduled for 15th March? But evidently there now seems rumour suggesting the end of March or maybe beyond, even?! :scratch:

7th Mar 2015, 20:43
I heard that Dontnod is going to release it "by the end of March". If it is later than March 13, it would be beyond the promised six-week schedule. I personally think episodes for games is bad. The only reason I think a few of these are succeeding is that the market is desperate for good games.

7th Mar 2015, 21:47
Agreed. I'm not that enamoured with episodic games either, though I make an exception when it comes to this game.

These days I find myself drawn to the smaller independant game developers; the games these companies produce show more thought, consideration, imagination, patience, and overall quality of content in their final product. I would much rather spend my money on said games than buying a game costing up to ten times as much which falls woefully short of my own expectations.

It might seem like a bit if a cliche to mention: bigger game companies tend to fall back and rest on their laurels resulting in average, rushed out games which simply do not deliver any satisfaction to a long-time gamer such as myself. The up and coming new companies spend much more time in developing a concept - obviously because they want their game to be financially successful - and some of the stuff they create is very unique and stands tall against the bigger more established developers.

Right here and now, Dontnod gets my vote and, my money. :)

7th Mar 2015, 22:46
You're dead right about big companies "resting on their laurels". I'm hoping that will change with Rise of the Tomb Raider, MGSV and Batman Arkham Knight. Dontnod gets my money for now, too. :thumb:

8th Mar 2015, 14:08
I'm just thankful, for the time being at least, that I'm not controlling an avatar toting a gun and bent on causing mayhem with every weapon at its disposal! I am attracted to games that venture out against the 'norm' and offer something different. :)

As for Lara's latest upcoming adventure (an Xbox exclusive release) I'll pass on that for now - I don't have an Xbox. And believe it or not, I'm only now beginning to play the last Tomb Raider game. But talking, or passing comment about that doesn't belong in this thread. :)

Oh, and you lost me when you mentioned MGSV. What does that stand for?

8th Mar 2015, 15:03
Metal Gear Solid V: Phantom Pain

It's a 3rd person shooter by Kojima Productions. Kojima's team really cares about their work and it shows in their games. It's coming out for all systems on Sept 1. (PC version Sept 15.)

9th Mar 2015, 06:54
Ah! got it. :)

21st Mar 2015, 06:17
I realize I'm responding to thsi kind of late, but oh well.

It seems like you're looking at this from an investigative standpoint. I don't necessarily feel that everything, every character in the game, is directly related to the plot or some "secret." Some characters are just part of the backdrop, who provide additional definition to the world without, again, being critical to it.

I think at this point Kate is simply too much of an unknown to say where she'll be. They've been very mysterious with her. As for her crying at home, I really don't think that has anything to do with the whole "porn video" thing at all, but something much more secret, quite possibly related to Madsen.

I like Victoria too. I think her VA work is excellent (and she's a teensy bit cute when she's not being a jerk). As for her place in the plot, though, I think she's heavily integrated into the Vortex club but has no clue what happened to Rachel.

As for Madsen, you say he's quick to strike out, but you'll note that after he hits Chloe he's kind of stunned himself, and apologizes. I agree that he has anger issues, disagree about him wanting to strike out, but also agree about "his heart being in the right place," broadly speaking.

In Max's little Bio, she mentions that she thought she smelled alcohol on Principal Wells' breath. So I definitely think we can say he's a drunk. I think, however, that he is definitely simply wrapped up in his world of "protecting" the school, and things that endanger that (like, say, Nathan Prescott being found doing something wrong, or expanded to the Vortex Club, Rachel, etc.) he will oppose.

I disagree that the people in the Vortex Club like Nathan. The only person we can ask directly is Hayden (did I mention that i love Hayden's conversation?), and he gives a half-answer. Plus, I believe he and Victoria are romantically involved...and yet, Victoria "sexts" Zachary, Julliet's boyfriend, which implies that either Victoria is simply a loose cannon (which I can believe), or Nathan isn't giving her the attention she wants.

I think Nathan definitely has something to do with Rachel Amber's disappearance. The whole selling drugs thing (that's not a "rich bad boy" thing, he doesn't need the money) along with what he nearly did to Chloe paints him in a very unflattering light.

I really couldn't say anything about Ms. Grant.

I think Jefferson is going to get a little more sinister. I'm not sure how much, but definitely a little bit.

Daniel strikes me as simply the typical "comic book nerd," really nothing more than that.

Samuel. Samuel knows something. I'm certain of it. He's too cryptic. I'm sure he will bring revelations later on in the game.

I personally doubt there's much of any significance to the rest of the students, though there's no way to know for sure at this point. Oh, and I LOVE Hayden's conversation. Did I already say that?

I'm not sure what to think about Chloe, especially in light of her blaming Max for the weed. Max seems to still like her, though, so I'm content to go along with Max's opinion for now.

They just did the plant so if you ever neglect to water it, they can show it wilted. I doubt there's any more to that. And I agree that Max's comment about the lighthouse was very ominous.

21st Mar 2015, 10:41
Well, like I said. Nothing is set in concrete and everything - including all I have written - is subject to change, but it's sure going to be fun to eventually arrive at the truth buried in the heart of the mystery. I don't think many answers will be forth coming in "Out of Time" it's far too early for that, but I do expect certain story threads to be expanded upon and maybe one to be explained or at least part explained.

I only started writing this as a fun diversion because of the long waiting time between episodes, and I thought it would be quite amusing to see how much, or how little, my conjecture based thoughts would stand as the story unfolded. I intend to continue with this trend in between all the episodes, but as I'm sure you can appreciate, it will get more and more complex to write about with all the possible permutations and their resulting consequences.

Wish me luck!

And yes, I do see this as a mystery and Max is the detective, but a detective with an extraordinary gift. :)

11th Feb 2017, 14:17
Hey Juliet,
I'm as late to this thread as I am to this whole forum in general, I guess.
However, I just wanted to let you know that I really enjoyed your early thoughts about episode one. I did skip the decisions involving each of the characters, as I guess having just done one playthrough, there's still a potential for spoilers ;).
Other than that, I really loved your analysis of the different characters: very detailed and well researched, enjoyable and with some funny twists that made me smile.
Guess, I'll be reading through this forum quite some more doing my own kind of "travelling back in time";)

11th Feb 2017, 15:43
Hey Juliet,
I'm as late to this thread as I am to this whole forum in general, I guess.
However, I just wanted to let you know that I really enjoyed your early thoughts about episode one. I did skip the decisions involving each of the characters, as I guess having just done one playthrough, there's still a potential for spoilers ;).
Other than that, I really loved your analysis of the different characters: very detailed and well researched, enjoyable and with some funny twists that made me smile.
Guess, I'll be reading through this forum quite some more doing my own kind of "travelling back in time";)

This thread takes me back a bit. Now I'm doing my own rewind!

I did intend to do write-ups on all five episodes - but after the second, it all got way too complicated for me to even think about attempting so I concentrated on expanding my theories instead.

I guess that for you, and because you have only done one playthrough, reading too much would act as spoilers; better to find out for yourself all the alternative consequences of your choices.

I'm glad you enjoyed reading my thoughts on "Chrysalis," I did work rather hard in putting it all together and I only got round to doing it after several playthroughs so I could be more accurate in the details.

I have a question for you: did you talk Kate down from the dorm roof?

12th Feb 2017, 15:08
I can perfectly well understand that you could not continue such detailed analysis for every episode, even the amount of work you've put into this thread must have been huge!

Also, I'd like to add that seeing all the details you gathered definitely encouraged me to do (probably several) more playthroughs sooner or later.

Yes, I did talk Kate down from the roof top, however I had to reload the game to do it. You know, normally I force myself to not do something like this and live with the consequences of my actions. But in that case I knew I failed the moment I somewhat accidentally answered one specific dialogue sequence wrong. Also, for the life of me I just couldn't let Kate go. You know, she's such a warm and gentle character and even the first moment Max encounters her at the class room she immediately invoked in me that desire to cheer her up, being her guardian, you might say ;). Thus, if it weren't for checkpoints I even would have replayed the entire episode to save her.
May I ask why you want to know? And while knowing this is somewhat offtopic (the dorm scene is technically at the end of episode 2 isn't it?), how did your first encounter of that scene play out?

12th Feb 2017, 17:52
The ending of episode 2 and the consequence of choices given was one of those moments that few people playing the game would have expected. To be faced with the potential suicide of a friend, and with your time-turning ability exhausted, there was nothing else to do but draw upon your own knowledge of Kate and her favourite things. The moment was a very sobering experience for me and other players who have known suicide in their lives. The forum here had a couple of people - including myself - who have regrettably been touched by suicide. In my case, and on both occasions, the suicides were work colleagues: one I knew for years, the other I had known only for a few months. Suicide is one of those events that give little notice - let alone intention, but hit you hard because you are simply unaware of their desire to commit to it in the first place.

My first playthrough resulted in Kate jumping off the roof to her death - it was the last thing that I expected to happen, but due to the fact there are 3 save slots I replayed the episode again and this time did my research and took more notice of the things that are available to read and see in Kate's room. I got so invested in it that I began to make notes on paper so I wouldn't mess it up. Again, because of the long wait between episodes, one was able to explore the game in greater detail rather than jumping straight in to the next episode. That paticular aspect I was thankful for.

I asked the question as regards to Kate just to see if you entered that ending scene with any notion or preconceived idea that the worst-case scenario would be Kate's suicide and, if indeed Kate was lost, whether or not you carried on into episode 3 without her.

13th Feb 2017, 17:09
I don’t know what to say really, other than that I feel deeply sorry for you having to already have known suicide in your life. That must have given this scene so much more impact for you personally, especially since it affected people you’ve known for years. Sadly, I also lost two former class mates through suicide and on both occasions, I would have never had even the slightest idea that this might happen. I wasn’t too close with them, but they were a part of my life for several years and when I did have the chance it was nice to be around them.

So, when playing through that scene it was not that I immediately thought of them, but I had the exact same feeling of being powerless that I have known because of that experiences in my real life.

I guess, the fact that your time powers failed almost completely in that scene gave it so much more weight and made it feel that real, overwhelming even. Despite feeling like a super hero in many parts of the game that moment made you really feel as powerless as you probably would be if put into that very situation.

It was indeed a very difficult scene and even though I know the exact line that made me fail to save Kate the first time, I did not really expect her to jump. I mean she was on the brink of doing it, but at the same time when talking to Max you could see glimmers of hope in her. To me it drastically showed how torn she really was and how every syllable you said could instantly turn her confidence into desperation or the other way around. Thinking about it, it almost seems to be intended, that you are so shocked that you can fail even knowing the right answers. At least that was the case for me, being so stressed that I couldn’t think clearly and thereby messed up that one answer which caused her to jump.

So, let me put it like this: entering the roof I did at least hope that ultimately Kate wouldn’t be lost and especially during the beginning of episode one I would have never guessed that it could come thus far. I much rather would have thought that Kate would, at some point, have confessed to Max and that this would have drastically improved her state of mind. So, pretty much what you wrote in your original post. It was only later, when you saw her leaving in tears through the window of the class room, that I would have liked nothing more than to rush after her. It was this desire to protect her and how close I actually was to saving her that made it absolutely impossible for me to continue the story without her.

14th Feb 2017, 17:08
Oh that's ok, I only mentioned it because it is more common than people realise. Even you it seems have also been touched by suicide. The point is that, somewhere down the line you either know someone or know of someone committing suicide; it's a strange statistic when it comes under close scrutiny and shares a mechanism that can be found in the six degrees of separation theory. I don't want to go deeply into that right now but suffice to say that in this instance, the theory holds-up.

If you consider my own experience - just as an example, I have had direct contact in the sense that I knew both suicide victims personally. Now, all my other work colleagues also knew the victims too - the original figure of one (me) has now been multiplied by a factor of around 200 or more people. If you now add the relative (family) factor into the equation you now have a figure encroaching on thousands! The ball doesn't stop there, either, it just keeps rolling - picking up more candidates along the way.

All this came from just two suicides, hence...more common than people realise. We all know of someone!

That's why Dontnod provided contact addresses for people who were playing the game; no prediction was necessary that somewhere down the line the game would find someone who had been directly affected by the various issues found in the game.

Additional: Indirectly, and in my job of work, the news of over 100 suicides have reached my ears. And in 2015, the number of officially declared suicides in England and Wales was 3,899! I wonder what the official figure is globally?

Right! I know I started it, but that's enough about suicide for now...it's all too morbid.