View Full Version : SUMMONER: Please make other classes more chatty

12th Feb 2015, 23:21
I love how chatty the Summoner is. She really has a personality that is conveyed in her monologue. The other classes seem like 3 word mutes by comparison.

I'd like something that reveals the individual motivations of each class and maybe even a lore nod like the summoner does.

An example might be:

Alchemist: "These chemicals will burn the blight of Kains brood from these lands. Humanity shall retake Nosgoth."

Something more than "Lets kill the other guys.... " which is basically what most of the classes say. Just a bit more color would be great!

13th Feb 2015, 17:34
Absolutely agreed. I mean, the Sentinels think Raziel was a traitor to the empire, they should have words about that...