View Full Version : Show Players Level Again

12th Feb 2015, 22:22
Show the players level again! As you can see in this thread (http://forums.eu.square-enix.com/showthread.php?t=14768), players leave anyway with or without showing the player level.

What is the use of an increased level cap if you cannot see the level of other players :confused:

Be honest, has the game really improved since the levels are hidden? I don't think so. For many it only got more frustrating because of the bad matchmaking.

12th Feb 2015, 23:25
I always get the feeling I'm being paired with level 30 players with a 100% win rate. Their accuracy is inhuman! I watch streams and I feel like I'm on par with those folks, and then there'll be players that just seem omniscient of where we are, and precognition when we round corners or climb to a roof tops. It gets depressing quick.

12th Feb 2015, 23:46
The problem with showing player levels is gives players the impression teams are stacked against them far more often than is really true. This leads to players constantly leaving lobbies or quitting as the match starts, and it's already hard enough to fill up lobbies as is. Level 40 players may be more likely to be skilled than a level 20, but there are amazing level 20s and bad level 40s. Matchmaking certainly has room for improvement, but showing levels again would clearly be a step backwards.

My guess is the reason for the increased level cap is either because they plan to release unlocks (cosmetics perhaps?) that require you to advance all the way to 50. This would be a way to provide incentive to veteran players to continue playing and work towards something.

In regards to inhuman accuracy, talented Humans have crazy good accuracy and can track movement of enemies well by sound alone. That said, there are definitely cheaters out there. Who knows which is which, but I certainly haven't seen legions of cheaters. If it seems like everyone is cheating you're probably just underestimating what is possible with talent.

12th Feb 2015, 23:56
I'd rather have something that accurately indicates your skill (which is in development), rather than what indicates the minimum amount of time you have played the game (which is all that the levels actually show).