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12th Feb 2015, 19:06
While the ongoing issue is "How do we get Summoners to actually enter battle themselves?", I've been preoccupying myself with another line of thought: What other pets could the Summoner utilize in battle?

1) Wraith: Soul-reaving ghouls akin to sluagh, archons, etcetera. They attack by getting in range and siphoning off soul energy from the target (represented visually as a blue energy stream similar to other games, mechanically as a DoT). Least health of all and a fair cooldown time to compensate for the health-sapping potential.

2) Revenant: A feral beast of the spectral plane bound to armor, similar to how Malek ended up. Form-wise, I'm picturing a wolf-ish sort of thing, all random armor pieces bound up by spectral energy between the gaps. A sturdier alternative to the Slayer, suffering a fairly higher cooldown rate in trade for more health and/or less damage from attacks.

3) Familiar: A construct of roughly Stalker-level stats, inhabited by the Summoner's own soul. Controlled directly by the Summoner but also faster and slightly stronger in melee (but quite squishy) so it's good for scouting (for humans or corpses) and chasing down the injured-but-still-reasonably-killable without getting too separated from the team. Given the nature of it, obviously the Summoner itself would be left vulnerable and killing the pet would cause direct damage to the Summoner.

4) Deathseeker (because everything ever calls its suicide tactic 'kamikaze' and we need to quit ripping off the Japanese): A creature that seeks out and enters a target. Upon entry, it severs its ties to the material plane and dissipates, the dimensional shift causing damage to the target from within. Damage is preceded by a short buildup akin to Alchemist's Immolation. I.E. It's an exploding ghost couched in terms that (arguably) aren't as silly as an exploding ghost. Reasonably easy to kill. Best deployed in chaos of battle.

5) Siphon: A defensive construct. As it takes damage, the Summoner is healed. (Alternatively, it could give some health to all team members but it would need a harsher downside to balance out.)

12th Feb 2015, 19:28
4) Someone else made mention of a detonating ghoul that did AoE damage if it made it to its target or upon it being killed. It reminds me of wights from Myth, hehe. Rather than traveling along the ground like the current summons, it would much more fearsome if it leaped at targets similarly to a tyrant while being as vulnerable.

My own idea to piggyback on the thread...
Infernal Swarm: Creates a wave of crawling ghouls that moves forward away from the summoner generating multiple hits dependent on the health the swarm has left by the time it makes contact with a human player. As more of the wave crawls passed the human it deals more damage. Susceptible to all normal attacks, but has quite a bit more health due to slower speed and size of the target. Doesn't change direction, just covers a swath around 350 area radius wide and falls to lower elevations.