View Full Version : The game's main UI needs some rework in my opinion (Suggestions)

11th Feb 2015, 14:17

1) Why is "Play" on the top and "Nosgoth" is on the bottom? I think it would be better the other way around. Nosgoth is the "title" of the game. These creatures fight under/for "Nosgoth". Also, Play on the bottom would be closer to "Disconnect" where it makes a better hierarchical sense.

2) The top/bottom panels are not off center. It looks fine in previous screens, but as soon as you hit the lobby screen things go off because the matchmaking elements are to the side!

3, 4) Shading works best for highlighting type. Fine. But the shading goes across the screen, not filling it, highlighting the type related to the match as well places where it's needed at all (behind the player banners). Also, It does not highlight the "Waiting for players" part. My suggestion is to just keep the shading on 2 places. The middle (match details) and the chat window. You might as well keep the players attention on the graphics in the background and the busy animations while they wait for matches.

5) English, like 99% of all languages, is an LTR (left-to-right) language. Whenever possible, a chatting window looks better on the left side.

6) Hierarchy needs some work too, in my opinion. On the upper right, it's "Message, Store, Settings, and Quit"?.. I think it would be better if grouped this way (with swapping locations of Play and Nosgoth):
-Top Left: Home, Profile, Armory.
-Top Right: Inventory, Store, Coins.
-Bottom Right: Friends, Settings, Quit. (even the icons look the same)
-Bottom Left: Avatar, Booster, Invite.

So, in one line it would be:
Top: Home, Profile, Armory ..[Nosgoth].. Inventory, Store, Coins
Bottom: Avatar, Booster, Invite ..[PLAY].. {disconnect} Friends, Settings, Quite.

7) Another suggestion to just integrate "invite to party" with "friends".

8) I was gonna skip this one because it's not important. But now I think I'll complete the numbers. Well, I think the Envelope graphics throws off the theme there. Wouldn't be nice if it was an old scripture scroll that unrolls when you click it? I think scrolls fit the game's theme really well and we don't see it very often, unless you count the scrolls on Prophet's back in her alternative costume, which look awesome by the way. :D


I'd like to thank the developers for their work on this awesome game. I've been enjoying it a lot.
Back to playing!

11th Feb 2015, 17:56
A scroll instead of the envelope would be a nice touch. 3 and 4 could be taken into account as well.

The rest...Meh. Chat's on the right side, still reads left to right. *shrug*