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10th Feb 2015, 20:59
TL;DR: Cast AoE skills on key press/release instead of "after charge up animation has finished".

The controls on most (if not all) AoE skills are absolutely garbage and inconsistent with the rest of the game.

They essentially work as "if you press button X, there will be a 2.78 second long animation after which the skill will be cast". During this time, you can see the AoE circle on the ground. However if there is anything messed up when the spell goes off, like two pixels of grass in the way, it will be cast into the two pixels of grass, causing you to miss hilariously.

I see no reason, why all AoE skills coudn't be "cast on demand". For example cast Summoner's special ability with right mouse click held down, then left mouse to trigger it = same behaviour as Pounce for instance. Or cast on Right click release and Left click could cancel the charging.

It's extremely annoying, especially if you're trying to hit something while on the move. And please don't argument with "it's supposed to be hard". It's not hard. It's unintuitive poor controls.

11th Feb 2015, 16:09
I agree.

Prophet's Curses seem useless as it is without the cumbersome controls.

11th Feb 2015, 17:50
Assuming the 'two pixels of grass' is hyperbole because of course it is, it sounds like you need to improve your aim...

11th Feb 2015, 18:02
I can see where your coming from. You have skills like Dominate Mind, Pounce, and Summon Stalker which are activated after they charge so you have more control over them versus trying to get your Hellstrike or Drain Curse exactly where you want them before the cast animation finishes. Dominate Mind and Eldritch Shield are still terribly hard to aim into groups at this time too.

A more streamlined activation like RMB, Q, or F to charge and LMB to release would be pleasant. There may be gameplay design reasons why the devs have it the way it is now.

12th Feb 2015, 13:55
Yes please. I really want full control (manual activation) after the charge animation for Prophet's curse and Hellstrike. Too many reasons to list why this is a good thing.

For Dominate Mind and Eldritch - there needs to be visual indicators while aiming.