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7th Feb 2015, 17:57
A lot of the time that I play Nosgoth, I feel this game would have been way better off as a non asymmetrical game. Part of me feels asymmetrical games limit the amount of game modes that can be conceived. What if Nosgoth had melee humans and ranged vampires? What other game modes could have been possible? Team death match wouldn't HAVE to be humans vs vamps. Imagine a combination of vamps and humans vs vamps and humans. The Flashpoint gametype would be way cooler than it is and make much more sense. A survival mode would be amazing. Capture the flag Would be a simple gametype. new game types might have been conceived more easily.

I love nosgoth the way it is and I'm in no way asking for a change. Just looking at it from a different angle. And at this point, I don't even really see nosgoth as truly asymmetrical. I'd call it partially asymmetrical.

What's everybody's opinion on asymmetrical games in general?

7th Feb 2015, 23:30
What if Nosgoth had melee humans and ranged vampires?

...It would be an asymmetrical game. Congratulations. (If you meant mixing ranged/melee for both, it's already happening with the Summoner and Shield Bearer. Soooo....)

Changing the game would in no way add "more sense" to Flashpoint.
A 'capture the flag' style mode can still happen in the current game.

And yes, deathmatch HAS to be humans VS. vamps. That's the whole point. Why would anyone imagine a combination that nonsensically disregards the lore?

8th Feb 2015, 00:16
This is not the game for you.

8th Feb 2015, 00:26
If it wasn't asymmetrical it would just be another generic shooter, of which there are many better options. Its the asymmetrical nature that makes this game stand out.

8th Feb 2015, 00:57
This is not the game for you.

Like I said, I love nosgoth the way it is. I'm just talking about asymmetrical games in general. I have logged over 160 hours in nosgoth and have been playing on and off since the alpha and even purchased the immortal pack because I enjoy the game so much. This definitely is the game for me.

I feel like everyone seems to think I'm talking bad about the game. But I'm not. Just attempting to have a discussion on asymmetrical games overall. Thanks for your constructive criticism though I suppose.

9th Feb 2015, 03:46
What discussion are you trying to have though? That asymmetrical games are...Restrictive? How? You go on about how the asymmetry makes Flashpoint nonsense and things like this (including a plainly false implication that asymmetry renders capture-the-flag impossible) but you offer little elaboration.

9th Feb 2015, 13:46
It'd make no sense in terms of lore either. Imagine a Prophet meleeing a Tyrant (who presumably wields a tiny pistol) from full health to death.

9th Feb 2015, 20:46
Asymmetrical games aren't limited in their game modes. They just have to employ the caveat they already use: a full game match consists of one round where you play as vampires and one round where you play as humans.

No matter how tipped to one team's favor a game mode is, that caveat keeps the overall match fair. Granted, they'll want to balance it enough so that both teams have SOME chance of winning, but I think you're looking at the asymmetry from a limited perspective.