View Full Version : About the most recent Nosgoth's survey

7th Feb 2015, 08:00
Hi there!

I just received the mail asking me to complete a survey for Nosgoth. I will gladly do it, but there's something that bothers me. Just take the first question :

"How fun do you find Nosgoth on a rating from 1-10?"

I love Nosgoth and I don't want to give a bad feedback because I just can't see if it is 1 or 10 that means Awesome... So, does 10 means 100% positive or 100% negative?

7th Feb 2015, 08:08
I guess it's from 1 - No fun at all, to 10 - insane amount of fun. Obviously, games are made for fun, but they're full of 12 yrs olds who scream when they die. So 10 is pretty much the game is very, very likeable.