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6th Feb 2015, 22:55
Hi everyone, I'm still a new player on Nosgoth, but I've played it enough to say that it is a really good f2p, my favourite at the moment. What i want to say is that I've met some issues with the assists system, which I've found not fair: so many times I've been chasing vampires or humans and took em off almost all their hp, but suddently a random shot usually got my kill, leaving to me a 90xp assist instead of the kill. Still I've been kill stealing too, but I've found it really unfair and a crack in the teamwork (sometimes I've got insulted from random people). In my opinion I thought you should add an assist counted as kill system, when the assist points reach over 70xp or more, to reward those who almost did all the dirty work. Thank you for all the efforts spent in the improvement of this awesome game!

6th Feb 2015, 23:11
if your worried about yoru kills

your playing the game wrong imo

tho granted i dont think they should grant such high xp for kills either

but seriously, worrying about your personal kills and kill stealing means your not playing team oriented

"hey guys, stop attacking him i got this" is the stupidest line of thinking in any game ever.

i get lots of kill steals, i feel bad about it half the time, but i dont try to kill steal, i just try to make sure we wipe out the enemy team. im not going to entrust the kill to anyone, its a team game its up to us all to kill them.

id say subtract some xp granted from kills and move it a bit to damage done?

6th Feb 2015, 23:17
As absinthesize says if you're playing with a K/D mentality you're doing it wrong. If the target dies as quickly as possible without damage to your team it's a win no matter who scores the kill.

As an Alchemist I often find it difficult to finish off vampires, and am really grateful when someone snipes off a tiny bit of health they have left sparing me a CD/reload. Same as Sentinel, if I drop someone and someone else finishes them off I call that teamwork not killstealing.

6th Feb 2015, 23:54
I've been chasing vampires or humans and took em off almost all their hp, but suddently a random shot usually got my kill, leaving to me a 90xp assist instead of the kill.

"I chased them and I did the damage and they stole my kill and I didn't get as much XP."

For someone complaining about "a crack in the teamwork", you use quite a few self-centered pronouns, my misguided fellow.

You got assists? That's teamwork.

7th Feb 2015, 05:16
Yea, this is quite a different game since it's based on team win or lose. Think of it like I do; I take pride in doing as much damage as possible and dying as little as possible. Prioritizing survival makes the game a whole lot more fun. I don't mean being a chicken, just be fast and clever. Help your team mates heal.

7th Feb 2015, 06:00
Same as Sentinel, if I drop someone and someone else finishes them off I call that teamwork not killstealing.

Agreed. I basically see it as a failure in teamwork if no one on my team lines up a sweeping kick/charged attack/etc. to land on the guy I just dropped from abduct. I will unashamedly do this every time I notice a sent grab someone.

It is entirely predictable when the sent flies down to puncture that guy they just dropped. When a teammate does it for me I can just go puncture someone else who doesn't expect it with a lesser chance of being bola'd and everyone profits.

7th Feb 2015, 06:00
The game modes and match scores are both completely team based. As long as the person who gets the kill is on your team then it really shouldn't matter; kill steals do not exist.

7th Feb 2015, 10:44
Better kill vampire before he runs and come back and kill your team mate. Reavers can use evasion, tyrant immune, its always better to kill him earlier. Remember that your team are not people to compete with. Many times i finished with 15-20k damage, 2-5kills and 15-25 assists. Important is that your team wins and KS is not as big problem here couse you still getting XP for damage you have dealt (for example 90 from 100).

10th Feb 2015, 21:12
I don't care about k/d rate in this game. Only thing which matters for me is damage ( and healing maybe). It shows how much impact i did in all fights for whole round. Of course win rate is important too =) I can give you all kills if this lets us win round .

11th Feb 2015, 12:01
Getting 100xp from a kill and up to 100xp from assist depending on the percentage of the damage done on them i guess, the difference just is not that much.

If you get low xp for assists, it indicates that you did not deal alot of damage to them and did not deserve the kill in the first place.

So losing like 5-10xp when you get an assist instead of a kill is not a big deal at all. If the kill count is what you care about, you should stop caring about that. Its just pointless.

Killing a player with low health when you see one is important. Killing people as fast as possible also means that they cannot do more damage. Letting the first attacker to take the kill is just waste of time. Dont give enemies an additional chance to win fights. Kill enemies as fast as possible and do not care about kills/assists.

I dont see why someone would complain about "kill stealing".

11th Feb 2015, 15:07
@JonLeonSquire. I do believe that you are looking at this game wrong. I do nit win the round, my team and I do, when my team wins, we all get experience and gold. I will always have assists in the teens and could have just as many kills, but sometimes my k/d could be 4for4, aslong as I am holding my own, im doing my job.

That said, in my opinion there is one kind of kill stealing. When I have beaten down a human to a point where 1 hit will kill him and then a sentinel comes and picks him up to kill him. Its not too often that I play with an idiot that does this for an entire game, but i do find them. doing 2000 damage with 7 kills is not playing your part. He should have rather used that ability for a team fight where it would have helped all on the team.

I do get 100+ experience from an assist depending how much damage i do to them.
the most important thing though is that someone gets (secures) the kill, as that will make your team win