View Full Version : feedback survey discussion

6th Feb 2015, 20:51
i got an email an hour ago asking me to take a survey about various aspects of the game, and since the form didn't provide very much room for giving my thoughts, i'd like to put them here:

nosgoth's treatment of the cash shop is (currently) very good. classes unlock by playing, gear unlocks by paying in-game gold OR cash, and the shiny cosmetics are cash only. that's perfectly fine. i definitely don't want to see classes or weapons locked behind a paywall. the idea of a "subscription to improve quality of life" seems like a bad fit for nosgoth. very few games can sustain a subscription model, and "optional subscriptions" are always very unfair to people who don't pay for them.

in terms of what new content nosgoth needs most, i'd say it's new weapons and abilities that differ in meaningful ways from the originals. i like spending gold/cash on new ways to play the classes that i already love, whereas new skins are generally "eh, i already have a unique skin for this class so i don't want another".

i'm excited for the game's future!