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6th Feb 2015, 19:05
First I'm gonna touch on 2 things that I've seen been said before while searching the forums on this topic.

Notification to know who is speaking in-game. I imagine it wouldn't be hard to just add that same icon that's in the lobby next to the player's icon/name in game. Unless you regularly voice chat with the person, it's impossible to know who to respond to.

In-game mute. I also imagine this would work similar to the lobby. Click on the person's class-icon to mute them. Shouldn't have to endure someone's mic-spam for 20min before we can go to the lobby and mute.
This would also be a good time to suggest an "ignore" feature. Basically 'muting' their text. Not too often I find the need to, but there have been a few people who text-spam and it's really distracting. Not to mention being able to visually ignore the masses of ****-talkers and e-bullies that occupy this game.

An option to turn off voice chat entirely. Not everyone is super competitive, and I imagine the majority who are would be using programs like Teamspeak to talk to their party/clan. Pretty much anytime I hear someone using their mic in this game, either they're doing nothing but ****-talking or mic-spamming. One guy even came in and was singing the whole time. Even when someone is being a genuine team-player using their mic...all that does, for me, is distract me and make me unable to hear where a vampire is coming from.

Fix voice volume? In my attempt to remedy the above, I figured turning the volume on voice all the way down would be the same as turning it off. Nope, I still hear people perfectly. Some even sound the same as if the volume hasn't been touched. I would imagine a volume being at 0 would essentially mean...no sound...

Fix voice toggle? Lastly, I've encountered something involving the voice trigger. It won't turn off all the time when you let go of the key. I've had it happen to me a few times just from typing (before i changed the key) and numerous times when others were talking. That gets really irritating when it's toggled and the game's sound is muted because someone won't listen to turn it off. If these people are also trolling, another good reason to implement the mute/voice off option(s).

7th Feb 2015, 00:27
Sounds like great suggestions. First I would recommend having voice chat not lag the game.