View Full Version : Problems starting the game

6th Feb 2015, 16:33
I just bought the game on the steam and I can't seem to run it on my pc, not even the safe mode works. whenever I try to launce the game it says that it stopped working and from then on my only option is to turn the game off.

7th Feb 2015, 05:39
Hi tomgarb, did you check the system requirements prior purchasing the game? Also, did you send customer support (https://support.eu.square-enix.com/contact.php?id=11621&la=2) a report of your problem?

7th Feb 2015, 09:48
I did check the system requirments and I saw that everything was fine, but I didn't send a report to customer support. I am going to do that now, thanks for the abvice.