View Full Version : FFXI Need help understanding the billing cycle...(new player)

31st Jul 2014, 10:36
I just started around the third of July. I waited 12 years to play this game(until I could afford a laptop that could play it). I got billed on the 31st, but I don't get paid on any other day but the 1st. I am low income, and really want to continue playing....but I can't if I don't get billed on the 1st. Because if it doesn't bill on the 1st, a 12-ish dollar account becomes a 50 dollar account due to bank fees. Is there a way to fix this?

I'm panicked at the moment, and will wait til 9am to call, without sleep, unless I have a little peace of mind at the very least. I am also confused why I didn't get the full 30 day free trial...