View Full Version : Nosgoth Class Warfare - Prophet

5th Feb 2015, 17:17
It's time for another episode of... Nosgoth Class Warfare!

The episodic video series introduces you to each class available in Nosgoth, showing off each ability, as well as some useful tactics, and a look at the customisation options. They're most useful for all our new players, but even experienced pros can learn a thing or two. The video runs through the available weapons, as well as the Primary and Secondary abilities, and a quick look at the skins you can get in the store. Did you miss our previous videos? Don't worry, we've put them all in a helpful playlist (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RHEuJYRqOSA&list=PLGjCrAG-etaZyVznmI1QwkVg_rCQv8cWA). Sit back with a cup of tea/coffee, and enjoy!

The latest episode of Class Warfare lets you get up close and personal with the Prophet, the Lost Seers Of Avernus. Turning the very source of their enemies' existence against them, Prophets use tainted blood as a weapon. Bullets dipped in the fluid carry wicked hexes, and dark blood can be spilled upon the ground to temporarily repel or weaken attackers. A powerful force in the war against Vampires, these dual-wielding hags can rip the life-force right from their enemies to heal themselves.

For their complete story and abilities, check out the video below.