View Full Version : MISC. About the friend referral program

5th Feb 2015, 17:14
I understand it's a program to draw more players in and the rewards for doing so are plenty. However there are several flaws with this promotion in my opinion which is why I won't be using it.

First of all, the practice itself feels a little scummy. By endorsing players to get 20 others or even more into the game via a referral link, you motivate less experienced and less critical thinking people to be a nuisance to their friends for virtual rewards. Let me say it more clearly: The idea of this promotion is based on a snowball system.

The choice to play or not to play a game should ideally be made by an individual out of their own motivation by sparkled interest, not because an online friend pestered them to do so. It also might turn people away if they have friends who spam them with referral links. Promotions that are set up in such a way always seem fishy (even if they're not) and make a bad impression.

Secondly, the promotion gives plenty incentive for the player inviting others to do his thing, but it gives no incentive to the actually invited person (or did I oversee something). What motivation do the invited players have to pick up on that promotion, other than pleasing a friend?

My suggestion: Rather than giving plentiful rewards to one person inviting others, stop that promotion program and instead set one up that actually rewards new players directly (then run an advertisement via the steam service for it). Doesn't have to be huge, but you can kill two birds with a stone here by giving the new player some starting gold (500-1000) and some runestones (300-500?). The new player will have some starting resources to test out alternative items and they will also get a taste for the store, which might incentivize them to buy something later. Meanwhile this closes the gap between long-term players who have everything they want and new players who have nothing, even if not by much.