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5th Feb 2015, 16:19
Dominate Mind has the potential to be the greatest tool the deceiver has. However, it seems lackluster compared to all of the other abilities. I have a couple suggestions to make it a more viable move so people actually start using it instead of it wasting space.

1. Increasing the range/ability to casting dominate mind. Currently the range on dominate mind is much to be desired. It forces you to be relatively close to your victim which makes it difficult to be creative with your dominates. I think they should increase the range a little so you can get some breathing room with the ability. Not only does it currently force you to be close, it also forces you to be vulnerable. I think Psyonix should implement the ability to cast Dominate Mind through walls that the deceiver is able to see through perfectly. Lets be serious, if you can see a person clearly through some big holes in the wall, you should be able to use the ability on them. It will make you a lot safer. Speaking of safety...

2. The damage threshold in which the deceiver must be hit is kind of high. You can take some serious damage while dominating. Because of this, its almost not worth it to use the ability. Unless you dominate a human into your allies, you just got smacked for 300 damage so you could dominate for 2 seconds and hit someone for 100 damage. That tradeoff is nonsense. It needs more damage potential to be viable. And speaking of damage potential...

3. Dominate minds real ability should be the ability to basically have your teammate murder an enemy. But a lot of the time, your ally is out of reach and you are mainly using dominate mind to separate a power player from their teammates. But in that scenario, 200 damage isnt enough. I think the damage should be upped to 90 damage per second for 4 seconds. That would be a total of 360 damage you can do the enemy if you hold them the entire time.

4. To add a little more usefullness, there should be a different damage cap. Right now, if a dominated enemy is hit, they are undominated. All in all, your move may have only resulted in a 200 dmg melee from a teammate. I think there should be a damage threshold of 400 before the enemy is taken out of the dominate. Either the move ends dealing the full 360, or the enemy takes a total of 400 damage from the ability itself and outside forces.

Just about every deceiver plays the same. Playing him is definitely Fun. However, he only has a single strategy to his gameplay. that makes him get boring faster than other classes. If I get bored of being a tank tyrant and leaping in to use ignore pain and be a good distraction, I can switch to a damage tyrant with charge and Shockwave for heavy damage or distuption. If I get bored of being a choking haze and pounce reaver, I'll switch to kick and haste. There's many ways to play every character except the deceiver.

Of course these numbers can be adjusted for balancing. But i think this is pretty fair. If a deceiver initiates from a range with dominate, you can only do a max total of 400 damage. Thats less damage than the summoner can currently do with one move that has an instant cast and relatively no danger PLUS the ability to use summons as damage/meatshields. He has no other ranged abilities to add to the benefit of dominate mind. And it makes a low life deceiver dangerous. They probably have the least amount of survivability at low life because they currently have no choice but to get up close and hope to survive the melee.


5th Feb 2015, 16:24
In my opinion dominate mind is the worst skill in nosgoth. It takes control completely away from the player which is really annoying. Stuns are one thing, but mind control is another. It is just a bad mechanic to start with.

6th Feb 2015, 05:52
I see dominate mind as an ability that allows me to use the human to shot anyone of their team taking damage... The actual dominate mind are not bad at all but is a litle poor...