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5th Feb 2015, 00:30
Hi !

I just want to share suggestions about The Fane :

As a vampire I think those 2 torches get in the way when you climb, and they might give away positions :
Maybe they should be moved a bit in the center of that wall, like this :

With the recent changes we can climb a big column :
But we can't climb those ones and it kinda bugs me a little as it's the same 3D model :

5th Feb 2015, 01:04
good ideas.... +1 on this

5th Feb 2015, 01:59
I like the torches where they are. Putting them in the center looks ugly. If they get in the way, I just wouldn't climb on them.

Second point's valid.

5th Feb 2015, 17:21
The reason you can't climb the center ones is there's no where to go when you do. They don't connect to anything you can mantle on to and just go right to the ceiling. If they allowed you to climb any surface and just had you hang on at the map ceiling, paired with the ability to kick off a wall or leap sideways, that's make much more sense.