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4th Feb 2015, 19:41
So they recently changed the guns to something alittle more useable where, instead of it hitting any vampire in the line of fire, it now does a bleeding effect. This is great honestly and I'm happy with the idea but it has an issue. So when you shoot a vampire with it, it starts the effect and every second they take some damage. Sadly if you multi fire on a vampire it continuously re-adds the effect and then there is no effect. All I want is for the bleeding effect to continue even while I'm shooting the vampires. Please look into making something like this happen.

4th Feb 2015, 19:58
I dunno, the old pierce pistols were pretty solid for damage, and they would have been so good against the summoner and her summons now

4th Feb 2015, 20:08
I dunno, the old pierce pistols were pretty solid for damage, and they would have been so good against the summoner and her summons now

btw you are right) heavy pistols still are best...piercing with old effect will counter prophet a lot)

5th Feb 2015, 04:06
In my testing today I found the Piercing Pistols to be very viable, though I have yet to decide if they'll replace Heavy Pistols as my preferred option. There are three main reasons I enjoy the Piercing Pistols:

1) You can spam them a lot more than the Heavy Pistols. With summons everywhere this is more important than it used to be.

2) If you land a single shot the damage is higher than the Heavy Pistols. With Summoners ducking in and out of sight and summons forcing you to redirect fire more often this happens fairly often.

3) The bleed helps you track out of sight enemies better. The moment they get hit smart enemies will get out of sight and move to a new spot. The bleed indicates the direction they're traveling making it that much easier to be aware of your enemies and land the next hit on them.

5th Feb 2015, 09:26
I played around with the piercing today as well, I have to say that I like them better than the heavies now. Plus shooting a fleeing vampire and having the dot kill them while they're behind a wall is pretty funny.

5th Feb 2015, 09:38
why cant we have new effect on first target hit + the old effect for target behind, i thought that's what was going to happen, not like it would be overpowered, especially with the popularity of the heavies.

5th Feb 2015, 10:09
Oh, they're bleed pistols now? Sounds interesting. Something to try later today for sure!

Been really enjoying the heavy pistols since returning though so I doubt they'll become weapon of choice, but the bleed tracking sounds pretty useful.

5th Feb 2015, 18:44
I liked the idea behind the new design, but did miss the effect that I never used before as it could be quite good against all the ghouls.

However, I would really love to get official confirmation on whether the bleed effect doesn't stack by design or if it's a bug. Because without stacking I personally don't see much use to this pistols as all you're effectively doing is having the last bullet you hit the target with deal extra 50 damage.

5th Feb 2015, 20:57
It doesn't need to stack, just make sure a tick happens immediately on the dot so it deals damage while still taking fire. That tick will only be a fraction of the total bleed so it's not like you can do a hell of a lot more damage just by firing quickly.

6th Feb 2015, 01:07
I think they should stack to be honest.

6th Feb 2015, 01:38
I think they should stack to be honest.

Disagree, prophet is strong enough as is. It doesn't need any more dps than it already has.

6th Feb 2015, 03:49
I think they should stack to be honest.

If the bleeding was to stack the damage values would have to be reworked. Currently the Heavy Pistols deal 150 damage per shot while the Piercing Pistols deal 120 + 50 damage per shot. With bleed stacking they would be a straight upgrade, particularly considering the larger clip size and faster firing speed.

6th Feb 2015, 05:56
I really love the idea behind the new design. What I hate is that the whole feature goes "unnoticed", because when you fire rapidly all you're effectively doing is adding 50 damage to your last shot. So the whole bleed mechanic happens just once, and that's all you get at expense of bursting down your target.

If we make the mechanic more visible and make bleed effect stack - the number on the upfront damage will need to be lower than of the Quick Pistols so that damage-per-second and damage-per-clip stay in range with the rest of the guns (played around with numbers, not stating this out of nowhere). And shooting a gun for 80 just feels lame to me, even though it has additional follow-up 50 damage. So that leaves me a little sad knowing that the design I like ends up not being practical enough in my eyes to be worth picking.

Tracking? Don't find it too useful, and besides I'd rather burst my target dead or leave them heavily wounded for their next engagement.

Dear Heavy Pistols, thank you for being there for me.