View Full Version : Looking for a Warband and/or People to Play With

4th Feb 2015, 14:07
Hey I'm gayfish! I've been playing Nosgoth for a while now and keep wishing that I had more people to play with so I can work on my teamwork. So I decided to post here on the forums in search of preferably a warband, but also just any people willing to play.

I just ask that you have a mic and are in NA (Preferably the EST timezone but anywhere in the US works).

Little info about me and my Nosgoth past:
Name: Jack
Steam Name: gayfish
Age: 19
Timezone: EST
Time Played: About 36 hours (Level 31).
Started Playing: June 2014, quit for several months due to the matchmaking and just returned a few days ago.
Favorite Classes (In order of favorite to least favorite): Sentinel, Prophet, Reaver, Summoner.
Win Percentage: 47%, but has gone up 5% since returning.
Kills: 1842
Deaths: 1831

If interested, add me on steam: http://steamcommunity.com/id/homosexualfish/

Thanks for reading, see you all in game!