View Full Version : Please turn back on team balancing

4th Feb 2015, 12:36
Please move this tread to wherever it belongs I'm so angry right now I cant be bothered to look for the right thread!

Please for the love of god can you turn back on team balancing and party splitting until you can be bothered to organise the game to have party v party and random v random.

You are making the game highly un-enjoyable for me and everyone else who plays solo. Why should the game only be enjoyable for those that play in party when it could be enjoyable for everyone playing solo. Surely those that play in party can have as much fun out of party.

4th Feb 2015, 15:34
It was never turned off.

4th Feb 2015, 20:58
It was never turned off.

That is most certainly not the way it feels when playing. I have had quite a few games today where I have left them simply because the team were getting stomped all over by a party in the other team and the match was not balanced properly between teams.

If you haven't turned it off then have you adjusted it at all?

4th Feb 2015, 21:40
If it's on, then it either isn't working properly or the MMR of parties is seriously underrated.

I fought a few parties of 4 yesterday. During the initial waiting for players countdown, the parties would look split; 2 on the humans, 2 on the vampires for instance (this was with a full lobby). But as soon as we entered the match starting countdown, teams would adjust to have party members together.

This leads me to believe that the match maker is trying to split up teams, but is probably being overwritten by some other code.