View Full Version : "Downloading Armoury"

3rd Feb 2015, 20:12
So lately I've been getting stonewalled by the syncing of my armoury when I've joined a game. A match starts and whilst everyone is picking their class and getting themselves all ready I'm stuck staring at an obnoxious window telling my armoury is being downloaded whilst the game forces me to pick a class and lets the enemy get free hits in. Oh and my character is in my selected gear so clearly the armoury -is- downloaded!


So not only do I suffer by my team has to endure a possible game loss due to it. Though I'm sure this problem has arisen on the forums countless times I'm adding my voice to the choir till the only syncing going on will be our collective boots up that damnable things ass.


In seriousness it's really becoming a problem and I'm aware it's beta but it's been only getting worse and worse for me lately which sucks since everything else has been getting smoother. Couldn't they just have you play a default build whilst it downloads and then when you next die have you respawn in your kit?

4th Feb 2015, 04:42
I have noticed a lot of players are not fully loaded in when the match begins, resulting in the humans (more of an issue for them) sticking near their AFK teammate to protect them. It's a huge pain in the ass to have constantly, really.