View Full Version : Voice Chat Tweaks

3rd Feb 2015, 06:49
I found the voice chat really annoying, so here is what I think you developers can do to fix the problems.

1. Have a noticeable indicator of me/other people voice chatting. Half the time I can't tell if a player is giving us directions or it is just a youtube vid I didn't turn off. Please show a good size icon so I can tell when someone is trying to talk.

2. Have a mic/replay test so atleast I know I got the right mic selected. I would ask if my mic is working and no one would answer, its weird that I can't really set the correct mic and I cant test it without being awkward to random players.

3. Mute button, I haven't had a problem with mic spamming but just add a player specific mute so at least we are prepared for what likely will come.

Thanks if you could tweak these they would be really helpful. Nice game :D