View Full Version : First Impressions - Voice Chat Bugs/Map Compass/Etc.

3rd Feb 2015, 01:58
I'm a new fan of this game and I'm having a blast overall. However, there are some notable things that truly impede players from making the most out of Nosgoth.

The first, and largest, is the lack of integrated voice chat.

I know the game has voice chat and I do use it. However, noone else uses it and the reasons are simple.
#1: The keybinding menu in-game (at very least for voice chatting) is broken and won't actually rebind the key. It SAYS it does, but still 'G' remains the push-to-talk key even after. [ To actually change the key you have to go into the rather hidden config files and do it manually. ]
#2: 'G' is a horrible push-to-talk key for WASD controls. Try it right now.. move around with WASD while holding G to chat. That alone is difficult. Now try to use an ability or roll. Impossible. Meaning everyone needs to change the default key, BUT CAN'T because it's broken.
#3: The voice chat that IS available, after you set it all up, is pretty awful. It's jittery and has lots of voice drops, resulting in me constantly having to say 'What? Can you repeat that?' to the few teammates who happen to use it.
#4: When speaking, there is no indicator of what player is speaking. Is it the Sentinel scouting for us or or is the Tyrant who is about to charge? I have no idea.
#5: In the lobby, voice chat doesn't work at all. The icon lights up (only with the default 'G', otherwise it doesn't light up at all) and there is never any working voice.

This is a pretty easy fix, in my mind. Even if you can't get the integrated Steam voice chat to work (it works fine on L4D2 and EVOLVE...), there's always CURSE voice, which recently integrated itself with SMITE and works very well.

A second real issue, and this is partially due to the first one, is lack of player communication. Typing during a match is out of the question. Let's assume voice chat actually DID work, though. What about players who don't have voice chat? Most games have a 'spotting' system where you look at an enemy from afar, hit a key, and it will light them up on the map for a moment... or point other players to where it was when you spotted it... or at least give a character shout-out cue HEY I SPOTTED A TYRANT NEARBY! So people can still be useful at communication even without a mic.

Another easy fix, and this is so easy to implement you could probably update the graphic file in 10 minutes or less, is to put cardinal directions (a compass) on the outside of the minimap. So that as a Sentinel, I can say 'They are in the Northwest corner, by the blood fountain!' or whatever. While flying, turning, diving, scouting and throwing aerial bombs it's hard for me to say NORTHWEST without a big pause.

That's mostly because even though the sections of map are labeled with names 'drydock' 'loading area' 'training grounds', noone knows what the hell those are. It's a bit much, considering we have 5 maps.

All of that being said, this game is quite awesome. I'm happy to see it come so far (I played it about a year ago and it was totally different.) Can't wait for a paycheck so I can purchase a skin and kill animation to show my love. I'll probably be adding to this thread with other nitpicking stuff I find. I'm glad to see the Crowd-Control-Spam of 2-3 Tyrants has ended due to GCDs. It was dumb, really.

4th Feb 2015, 02:38
For the record, everyone who is complaining about premades should be all over this topic, yet I hear nothing. The voice chat is so broken that even people who manage to rebind and use it can't hear or be heard properly without constant screeching, voice drops, etc.

People are doing premades over skype, Curse voice, ventrilo, etc because THE GAME REQUIRES COMMUNICATION and we have no way to communicate without 3rd party stuff (meaning premades only to even play the game properly)

So where's the backup on this? This should be in the next patch... the game is barely playable without voice chat. Everyone just runs around like a moron without being able to say 'Hey X, go hit the supply. Watch out for the Tyrant charge. Sentinel incoming.'